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This may be your first time gazing upon Kelly Brook, but the U.K.’s hottest model has long been making blokes on the other side of the pond exclaim, “Jolly good!” Now she’s busting out (sorry) stateside in the summer’s funnest flick, Piranha 3D.

Piranha 3D is quite a title.

I love exploitation films if they’re done right, and this one’s got everything: cute girls, piranhas, blood, and loads of boobs. It’s about a bunch of spring breakers who are sure no piranhas are going to ruin their fun…

VIDEO: Desert Fox: Kelly Brook

But we bet they do!

There’s an earthquake in the floor of a lake, and all these prehistoric piranhas are unleashed. Folks won’t be celebrating very long!

Who do you play?

I’m like one of those Girls Gone Wild chicks who prance around working the crowd into a frenzy. I spent the whole time in a bikini, which you’re grateful for when it’s 110 degrees out.

Did you learn any piranha avoidance techniques?

No, but I did an underwater make-out scene with a porn star. I learned to hold my breath for a long time!


The director [Alexandre Aja] is French, so he described it all European and artistic. If he were American, I bet we would have said, “No, we’ll be in our trailers.” The French get away with murder.

Do you prefer British or American dudes?

American boys are just gorgeous! British guys are a little too cool for school.

What gets you in the mood?

If someone started cooking me dinner and lighting candles, I’d probably throw up! I’m old-fashioned—I like my boyfriend on the sofa watching TV.

Is it true you were on the biggest billboard in the world in a bra and panties?

Yes. It was for a lingerie campaign celebrating bigger boobs. They had no choice but to double the size of the billboard.

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They say blondes have more fun. But "they" apparently never met a brunette like this.


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