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We’re not experts when it comes to the Russian language, but we’re pretty sure "Margarita Nazarenko" translates as "really really hot." Just a wild guess.

Tell us a weird fact about yourself.
I've got a gold medal in stage combat - that means I know how to use several different swords and an Irish whip!



Can you teach us how to swear in Russian?
My favorite swear word is ‘blin,’ which you can use as you'd use the word ‘crap,’ like when you forget your keys or trip over. If you translate it directly, it means pancake! How cute is that for a swear word?

Would you like to be in Russian Maxim?
Maxim is the biggest men's magazine and Russia is the biggest country, so it only makes sense! I'd love to appear in that magazine. I'm proud of my roots, so it'd be a dream come true.



What’s been your sexiest modeling job so far?
Probably my Ann Summers advert. A day of frolicking in sexy lingerie and seeing all the boxes of toys! However, I've loved all of my beach shoots too. I love the sea and sand.



You’re also an actress – what might our guys have seen you in?
I started in theatre, having trained for three years for the stage, and then went into television. The Bill and Doctors were amazing and I've recently appeared in the film May I Kill You? with Kevin Bishop. It’s British cinema at its best - dark and hilarious! Then I'm filming a couple of American pilots for next season that I'm very excited about. Apart from that, I've been modeling in Australia, as they have more swimwear shoots and that's my body type.



What do you look for in a man?
I'd choose an average guy who makes me feel amazing, over an amazing guy who makes me feel average, any day! I love someone who can teach me new things.

If you could star in any type of movie, what would it be?
A Quentin Tarantino movie, hands down. That's a life-long love. After that, it’d be a gangster movie like Goodfellas. Or a Bond movie! I’m Russian, so it makes perfect sense for me to be a Bond girl!


What’s your ultimate femme fatale look?
I've always loved a perfect set of lingerie - suspenders and stockings included. It’d be black and lacy with big, wavy hair that’s loose and flowing.

Finally, describe yourself in 25 words or less!
A Russian-born, London-bred model with theatre training and an acting background who can wield a sword, loves pizza, Champagne, and gangster movies!


Margarita Nazarenko