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With shoot-'em-up roles in the sci-fi thriller Death Race and the gritty cop show Detroit 1-8-7, Miami-born beauty Natalie Martinez has proved she can get down and nasty. Now she’s starring as a police officer’s sexy wife in the film End of Watch. Turn yourself in!


There are a ton of scenes in End of Watch that are tough to sit through. Would you agree?
The film really gives you anxiety, not just because of the brutality, but also because you get so invested in the characters. The whole cast had great chemistry, and I’m proud to have been a part of it.

Jake Gyllenhaal plays a really hardcore cop in it!
He rode along with the LAPD to prep for his role, and he and Michael Peña, who plays his partner, were on these crazy workouts. We wanted it to be realistic.

You’ve had a lot of action roles. How was it playing a cop’s wife this time?
It’s always nice to do something different and challenge yourself. I love fighting and chase scenes, but you have to be able to take on an emotional role as well.

But you are in amazing shape!
Growing up in Miami definitely made me an active person. I’m always running in the park with my dogs or skateboarding with friends. I also train MMA, specif­ically muay Thai. I’m planning to get in the ring soon, but just for fun.

What do you miss most about home?
The beaches and the warm water. I’m also a big Miami Heat fan. I was in L.A. during the finals and had to watch the games from home, because there are a lot of Miami haters out there. I stand up for my city, so it wouldn’t have turned out well!

A recent poll found that people in Miami have more sex than people in any other city in America. Do you think that’s true?
Probably. We’re always half-naked, and everyone comes here to have a good time…and sex is a really good time!

What do you look for in a guy?
I’m a tough cookie, so I need a man’s man who is independent and outgoing. Jealousy is probably my biggest turnoff. That and being a bad kisser.

You’ve been in a bunch of music videos. Does the guy need to be a good dancer?
I love salsa and hip-hop, so there’s been some judging on the dance floor. But in the end it’s more important to
me if a guy can just have fun. The best way for a guy to get my attention is to make me laugh.

Do you have girl crushes?
Oh, my God, I could give you a whole list! Kate Moss and Rachel McAdams are definitely on there.

What about guilty pleasures?
I don’t really feel guilty about any­thing, so no. But I am obsessed with Korean barbecue.


What’s your favorite body part?
I have to say my butt. Every year my body gets a little more voluptuous, and I’ve learned to appreciate it.

As has every man in America.

Sarah Shahi
2012 Hometown Hotties Finalists

Natalie Martinez