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It's rare for an actress to embrace both ends of the nerd spectrum. On the Wrath of Khan–quoting side, Rachel Nichols played the famous Green Girl from J.J. Abrams' 2009 Star Trek reboot. Three years later she's donning robes and sandals as the love interest in Conan the Barbarian. Sci-fi and swords and sorcery? Yes, Rachel may be the ultimate fantasy girl.

VIDEO: Conan the Barbarian's Rachel Nichols

VIDEO: Rachel Nichos: Swimsuit 2001

You're a hot warrior monk in Conan, and you've played various other ass-kicking roles. What's up with all the violence?
I wasn't always as ass-kicking and gym-going. Because I was in Alias and G.I. Joe, I started training. Alias was very action-packed. G.I. Joe and Conan were very action-packed. It's been established that I can do action, which is great, but now I may just want to make out with a really hot guy.

VIDEO: Conan the Barbarian's Rachel Nichols

So, a romantic comedy with Matthew McConaughey?
Sign me up! I'd love to do a movie where I actually get to be kind of quirky and odd and dorky and all that stuff. My parents would like to see some movies where I'm not in peril. They'd appreciate it

They raised you in the Northeast, and you've described yourself in the past as just a shy girl from Maine. Is that still true?
No. Shy is not me anymore. I mean, it used to be, definitely. I wasn't lying. I'm still polite and a good friend, but once you really stop caring about wanting everyone to like you all the time, you can't be shy anymore.

VIDEO: Rachel Nichos: Swimsuit 2001

You took some time off from college to model. Any good stories?
I speak French. I don't get to do it very often, so it sort of atrophies. My first modeling job in Paris, the photographer said, "Tu es belle," which means, "you are pretty," and I thought he said, "Tu es poubelle," which means, "you are the trash can." I burst into tears. He was not happy about that.

Do you play any sports?
I recently began taking golf lessons. I'm so excited! The first few times I ever played was at the driving range with a bottle of, like, Crown Royal in a brown paper bag. But now a friend set me up with a teacher, and I'm taking lessons. On the first day he said, "You're a flexible little fucker!" Then he said, "Look, you're the only girl at the range right now. People are going to come up to you and want to teach you stuff because you're pretty. You need to tell them to fuck off." And he's at least 70!

Besides being a potty-mouthed old guy, what do you look for in a man? And you can't say "con­fidence" or "sense of humor."
Confidence and sense of humor? Excuse me, but fuck that! My type is really young, short, athletic, and smart. I know, you want to be with someone who's going to be your friend—yeah, yeah, yeah. I want the Adonis line, the two down the hips to the waist. And a guy has to be able to accept criticism about his clothing. I can be very particular about what I like and don't like.

Well, I'm a pragmatist like that, and I'm a little anal-retentive. I was the maid of honor at a friend's wedding, and there were only 40 people there, and there weren't any crises, but I liked getting everything just perfect and organized. I was hoping I could be like, "Somebody give me a headset! We have a problem with table two! There are some children who are being too loud! Put them in the closet so they don't ruin the ceremony!" I think I would quite like that.

Hometown: Augusta, Maine
Birthday: January 8, 1980

Car Accessorizer:
"I blogged about pimping my ride. I don't have spinners, but my wheels are pretty dope."
Food She Loves:
Sweetbreads. "Glands are fantastic. Who wouldn't like some glands for dinner?"
Fan of The Game:
"I'd love to meet Neil Strauss. I want to write the female version of his pickup-artist book."
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