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Alana: Surfer Girl Sneak Peek!

Paddle out with this new Maxim-approved web series.

(Photo by Kelly Cestari/ Getty)

If you follow the Maxim Instagram (You do right? Username: MaximMag), you’ll know that pro surfer and bikini model/designer Alana Blanchard stopped by last week to teach us how to surf. We didn’t quite pick it up, but we had a great time regardless.

Alana is now starring in a Network A web series with a few of her friends, in which they show us around the island of Kauai - shredding a few tubes in the process (is that the right lingo? I told you we’re not great surfers).

Alana: Surfer Girl premieres next Monday, October 29th, but your friends at Maxim have secured a sneak peek for you. Enjoy.