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Sorry, New England. You may have claimed Gisele, but the New York ladies took the championship. Here are your 2012 winners and losers.

New York

2010 Winner Melanie

Hometown: New York, NY

New England-

2008 Finalist Sarah Rae

Hometown: Hanson, MA

New York-

2006 Finalist Corrine

Hometown: Central Islip, NY

New England-

2010 Finalist Kaitlynn

Hometown: Portsmouth, NH

New York-

2009 Semifinalist Amanda

Hometown: Rochester, NY

New England-

2011 Finalist Lauren

Hometown: Abbot, ME

New York-

2011 Semifinalist Monica

Hometown: Long Island City, NY

New England-

2009 Semifinalist Julie

Hometown: Bolton, CT

New York-

2009 Semifinalist Mary

Hometown: Stamford, NY

New England-

2007 Semifinalist Holly

Hometown: Atkinson, NH

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