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Alison Haislip-

Some of the best things in life are blonde: baked goods, beers, these beautiful women and...half a bee, we guess? Also, apparently, the best things in life start with the letter 'B' as well.

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April Summers-

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BC Jean-

[See BC's Gallery.]

Dominique Storelli-

[See Dominique's Gallery.]

Ellen Hollman-

[See Ellen's Gallery.]

Kellie Pickler-

[See Kellie's Gallery.]

Kelly Kelly-

[See Kelly's Gallery.]

Leticia Cline-

[See Leticia's Gallery.]

Leven Rambin-

[See Leven's Gallery.]

Malin Akerman-

[See Malin's Gallery.]

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley-

[See Rosie's Gallery.]

Sophie Monk-

[See Sophie's Gallery.]

Beautiful Blondies