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Think Sin City doesn’t need sexing up? We disagree, so we gave 13 already gorgeous locals the Maxim treatment. We bet you’ll enjoy.
Katherine Benson
Drink: “Moët Ice. The only Champagne served on ice.”

Lindsey Huey-

Biggest win: “Once I won $20 on a slot machine. I thought that was lucky.”


Jessica Harbour-

Biggest win: “$2,000 on blackjack. Beginner’s luck!”

Lisa Dillon-

Craziest time: “Staying out with my girls till 8 a.m.!”

Natalia LaLonde-

Party spot: “Pools! Give me a bikini and a drink.”


Gemma Farrell-

Craziest time: “There were jets, helicopters, and hotties.”

Bre Tiesi-

Drink: “Tequila…straight.”

Sarah Locke-

Craziest time: “I can’t say…my family might read this!”

Maegan Thompkins-

Party spot: “Tao Beach, hands down. It’s the go-to place.”


Corissa Furr-

Party spot: “Whichever club has the hottest DJ.”


Emily Evans-

Craziest time: “This whole Maxim experience!”

Sonja Wajih-

Drink: “A filthy dirty Sapphire martini with olives. Shaken.”


Editors' Pick: Ashley Harrell-

Congrats! How was the casting?
There was great energy, and it was completely different than any I’ve been to before in terms of the fun factor.

Do you spend all your time modeling?
I actually work as a hairstylist in San Diego, but I make the trip to Vegas almost every month.

You must be quite the party girl!
Well, I went to school at the University of Nevada, so a lot of my girlfriends are here.

How do you girls spend a night out?
I love going to the night club at Tao; they definitely throw the best pool parties.

Any tips for guys trying to score a lady?
Girls come to Vegas in packs, so send a bottle of champagne over to their table.

Is it easier to hook up with girls in Vegas than in other cities?
I think so. Everyone lets their inhibitions go, and there’s the golden rule: What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

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