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Get to Know Office Assistant Ariel

We’re on the search for model employees. Something tells us we will never end this quest.

SLIDESHOW: Check out more photos of Ariel

Today you functioned as our company’s CEO. You must have had some serious duties.
I fired a few people, smoked a big cigar, knocked back some booze, played with my money—you know, just the typical kinds of things a CEO would do.

And you got paid the big bucks, deservedly so.
Yeah, now I’m gonna go out and blow my paycheck on some shoes. This was my first corporate job, but it was a lot of fun!

Looks like you went for that business-casual look.
My outfit was definitely vamped up a bit, but I always try to wear sexy lingerie under my clothes. You never know when you’re going to take them off.

What do you think about corporate guys?
I definitely like a man in a suit, but businessmen’s hours are so different from mine that it doesn’t usually work out. I need a guy who has
a flexible schedule and some time to travel. I’m not a nine-to-five girl.

What can we find you doing outside the office?
I love entertaining, so I’ll invite people over to drink some wine and try out my cooking.

So how can we get an invite to these dinner parties?
I don’t really go for pickup lines, but notes can be cute. One time this guy passed over a drawing of the two of us dancing. I never called him, but it was very creative. “A” for effort!

SLIDESHOW: Check out more photos of Ariel