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Get to Know Office Assistant Nashlly

Our Monthly search for model employees continues. It’s time to freelance without any pants.

Check out more photos of Nashlly here. Watch her video here.

That’s a pretty eye-catching outfit for an intern coordinator.
Yeah, it is a little sexy, but it definitely commands atten­tion! The interns knew if they didn’t get their stuff done, there’d be consequences—whipping and smacking.

Think any of those guys had a little crush on you?
Homeboy in the hat had a crush. Even though I was making him suffer, he was probably enjoying it. When I whipped him, I think I heard him whisper, “Don’t stop.”

So he didn’t learn his lesson.
No way. He’s gonna come back asking for more!

Can’t blame him. Have you had an office job before?
I’ve had a couple. I worked in sales, so I know what it’s like to do paperwork and get bossed around. Today I took revenge for all those bad office days!

Where can we find you on the weekend?
I love dancing, so you’ll catch me at the local lounge wearing something like this, shaking my little bum-bum.

What do you think about guys on the dance floor?
I adore guys who can dance! It’s such a turn-on. Just don’t try to get my attention by “accidentally” spilling your drink on me. Come on, boys, step up your game!

Check out more photos of Nashlly here. Watch her video here.