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These girls getting wild are looking for some partners - or so we're hoping. 

Christina Aguilera
"I'm all about real connection and fantasy and role-playing."

[See Christina's Gallery.]

Eva Marie-

"Bring it on, Kim K.! I would love her to step into the ring."

[See Eva's Gallery.]


Lacey Chabert-

“I’m a nice girl next door, but I love a good weekend in Vegas.”

[See Lacey's Gallery.]

Melissa Rauch-

"I like to live with no regrets..."

[See Melissa's Gallery.]

Paulina Gretzky-

"I've definitely been nice, with just a sprinkle of naughty...a good type of naughty."

[See Paulina's Gallery.]

Ronda Rousey-

"I knew [Miesha Tate's] arm was out, but she was still trying to escape with a bridge, so I was trying to put her arm in my other hand. I was sitting up trying to punch her with my right hand when she finally gave up. I didn’t feel bad about it—I was reacting to the situation." 

[See Ronda's Gallery.]

Stevie Ryan-

"My favorite way to get in trouble is...smoking pot behind the middle school."

[See Stevie's Gallery.]

Taylor Momsen-

"We've literally had parents call the cops during our shows reporting that it's inappropriate for their child."

[See Taylor's Gallery.]

Girls Getting Wild

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