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These multi-talented beauties are just as comfortable acting in either genre. You could say they go both ways! As actresses.

Alyssa Milano: Mistresses, Who's the Boss?
[See Alyssa’s Gallery.]

Eva Longoria: <em>Desperate Housewives</em>, <em>Mother Up!</em>-

[See Eva’s Gallery.]


Lacey Chabert: <em>Party of Five</em>, <em>Mean Girls</em>-

[See Lacey’s Gallery.]


Jennifer Love Hewitt: <em>The Ghost Whisperer</em>, <em>Can’t Hardly Wait</em>-

[See Jennifer’s Gallery.]


Elisha Cuthbert: <em>24</em>, <em>The Girl Next Door</em>-

[See Elisha’s Gallery.]


Heather Graham: <em>Flowers in the Attic</em>, <em>The Hangover</em>-

[See Heather’s Gallery.]

Lake Bell: <em>Black Rock</em>, <em>Children’s Hospital</em>-

[See Lake’s Gallery.]

Malin Akerman: <em>Watchmen</em>, <em>Couples Retreat</em>-

[See Malin’s Gallery.]


Girls Who Do Drama & Comedy

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