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Angelina Jolie- The mother of six (yes, six) is the practically the perfect woman. So of course, she was the first hot mama to come to our minds. Chasing around Pax, Maddox, Shiloh…uh, and the others everyday would completely be worth getting to hang with Angelina.

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Gwen Stefani- The always hot Gwen Stefani can do no wrong in our eyes. She’s so freaking foxy that even naming her daughter Zuma Nesta Rock is a forgivable offense.

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Jennifer Garner- Like her Juno character, the actress was meant to be a (super-hot) mommy. She has two kids with The Town actor and husband Ben Affleck, but we still like to think of her as single and waiting for us somewhere in a costume from Alias.

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Halle Berry- This mama is so fine, there's a song about it. Word on the street is Berry is available again, which is good to know. We’re currently arranging our own hip-hop song for the actress.

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Gisele Bundchen- Tom Brady's supermodel wife still has her rocking bod after giving birth to son Benjamin in December 2009, thus continuing to make all women (including your girlfriend) hate her.

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Ivanka Trump- The Donald's (surprisingly) super smokin' daughter is expecting her first child with husband Jared Kushner. Hey Ivanka, make sure you hold on to that birth certificate.

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Adriana Lima- Every woman probably wants to know Adriana's secret. She was back in angel form in the 2010 VS Fashion show after having a baby in 2009.

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Alessandra Ambrosio- Are you surprised another Victoria's Secret Angel made our list? After all, why wouldn't the most beautiful women in the world also be the hottest moms too? This Brazilian model has a two-year-old, making her one hot mãe. That’s “mom” in Portuguese. Congrats, you've learned something!

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Kate Hudson- The gorgeous actress likes rockers (Chris Robinson and Matt Bellamy, in particular) and rockers like to make babies with her. Who can blame them?

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Kaitlin Olson- The hilarious It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia actress is a card-carrying, bona fide sexy mama since giving birth in September to son Axel.

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Danica McKellar- We're still in love with Winnie Cooper of The Wonder Years, this time in hot mom form. The UCLA grad named her son Draco, in true nerd style (Harry Potter anyone? Anyone?).

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Tiffani Thiessen- We always knew that Kelly Kapowski would grow up to be a hot momski. Fortunately, the father is not Zack Morris. Unfortunately, the father is probably not you, and it’s definitely not any of us.

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Sofia Vergara - The Colombian actress (who also is on our 2011 Hot 100 List) plays an unrealistically gorgeous mamacita on television and in real life. It's hard to believe the Modern Family star has an 18-year-old son, Manolo (named after a Scarface character).

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Miranda Kerr- The Australian model and wife of actor Orlando Bloom had her first child in January.

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Wilma Flinstone- Arguably history's first Hollywood sexy mom, Wilma's hotness stands the test of time and being married to a douche like Fred. Like a fine wine, she just gets better with age.

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