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Miller Lite kindly built us a beach for the Hot 100 party. What, you need a reason..?

The Miller Liteguards enforce a zero tolerance policy on thirst at their private beach. Oh, and mankinis.

You would not BELIEVE how many guys tried to pretend to be drowning that night (kudos to that one guy for going the extra mile by flushing his head down the toilet).

Miller Lite’s personal lifeguard squadron swap red flags for the red carpet.

As usual, the Hot 100 party provided many new and innovative ways to end up with your balls in a sling.

The Liteguard litter patrol just found some more kittens! (Ed’s note - Seriously, can someone give our caption-writer CPR? Or at least a pink slip.)

The Maxim Hot 100 party: now with added super-hot beach volleyball.

It’s just like our local YMCA pool, only without verucas (or the hairy fat guy washing his balls).

If Batman fought crime on the Miller Lite Beach, we’re guessing he’d drive this.

We literally couldn’t decide what we wanted to play with first.

The Miller Liteguards: fighting for freedom over land, sea and air! But mostly sea.

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