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Kelly Kelly-

Happy Friday! It's "double rainbows all the way" with these colorfully dressed girls of Maxim. These ladies are more enticing than a king size bag of Skittles! Though, that does sound pretty good right now...

[See Kelly's Gallery.]

Selita Ebanks-

[See Selita's Gallery.]

Mayra Tinajero-

[See Mayra's Gallery.]

Lauren Erickson-

[See Lauren's Gallery.]

Jessica Gomes-

[See Jessica's Gallery.]

Aja Dang-

[See Aja's Gallery.]

Anna Hutchison-

[See Anna's Gallery.]

Jordana Brewster-

[See Jordana's Gallery.]

Katrina Bowden-

[See Katrina's Gallery.]

Leven Rambin-

[See Leven's Gallery.]

Julia Voth-

[See Julia's Gallery.]

Kaitlynn Carter-

[See Kaitlynn's Gallery.]

Naya Rivera-

[See Naya's Gallery.]

Meredith Parker-

[See Meredith's Gallery.]

Ladies in Rainbow Colors