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We needed a gear editor. Luckily, Alli showed up with a résumé, a smile, and very little else. She’s hired!

We see you spent a lot of time on the trampoline today. Were you slacking off?
No! Today I was Maxim’s gear editor, so it was my job to try out all the toys. I got to play with the Nerf guns and test some weights and exercise equipment.

Any favorite items?
Jumping on the trampoline was the most fun—and I think all the guys in the office enjoyed that as well!

Have you had any other office jobs?
I did work at the internship center at my school, which was just a lot of organization and paperwork. The dress code was definitely more conservative. I couldn’t wear what I’m in now…and certainly no pink!

Have you ever had to wear anything weird for your modeling gigs?
Actually, one of my favorite shoots was a bridal one. I got to wear all the pretty dresses and jewelry, but sadly I had to return everything at the end of the day.

So what kind of man are you looking for?
I like the strong, silent type. The best way for a guy to get my attention is to make serious eye contact and then eventually come over to talk to me.

Have you ever gotten any bad pickup lines?
It wasn’t really a pickup line, but one guy came up to me and said, “I love the uniforms your country uses in the army.” I just looked at him like, What are you talking about? He thought I was from Sweden or something!

Name: Alli

Birthday: May 30, 1991

Hometown: Kennett Square, Pennsylvania

Secret Talent: "I used to be a competitive figure skater."

Worst Job: "Working at a pizza place—the smell was terrible!"

Guilty Pleasure: "Reading romance novels."

Go-To TV Show: The Bachelorette

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