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We’re helping the unemployment problem by hiring one gorgeous model employee at a time. You’re welcome, economy!

VIDEO: Check out our office assistant in action

How did you like your day as our office accountant?
It was definitely fun since it was different from the kind of work I usually do. I wouldn’t say I’m the world’s best math person, so working with numbers got a little frustrating.

Where do your real talents lie?
Probably dance. I first came to New York with a ballet company, but I’ve gotten into other styles, like hip-hop, which actually got me into DJing. Now I spin at clubs and lounges all over the city.

Wow! Maybe we could hire you as an in-house DJ.
Yes, that would be great! I’d put together a personalized mix for the Maxim office.

What kind of stuff would you play?
I’d start with something with a summery vibe and then get into some house.

Does that mean you spend a lot of time out at the clubs?
I actually rarely go out. I live a very healthy lifestyle. I’m a vegetarian and go to the gym every day and take classes. I love being pushed to go beyond what I think I can do and using different muscles.

So basically only health-conscious guys stand a chance with you?
I think it’s good to be with someone who likes different things, but I’d still gravitate toward a small-town guy who was raised like me.

You’ve probably dealt with a lot of bad pickup lines.
Oh, yeah, but the worst is when I’m working and someone just walks over and hands me a business card. Thankfully, all the Maxim guys were very respectful, even though I caused a bit of a scene—I mean, I was in the middle of the office doing cartwheels in my underwear.


Name: Sierra Andersen

Birthday: July 14

Hometown: Lincoln, Nebraska

Embarrassing Hobby: “I love Celine Dion, so I collect all types of things from her. You name it, I probably have it!”

Go-to TV show: Gossip Girl

Last Meal: “Something Lebanese, like hummus and grape leaves.”

Favorite Body Part: “I love having a long torso, even though it tends to make dresses very short.”

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