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Maxim's Hottest Cover Bracket

You’ve spoken (shouted, really) and declared perennial hottie Jennifer Love Hewitt’s cover from April 2012 the hottest Maxim cover of all time!

1. Jennifer Love Hewitt, April 2012

"She's sweet, cute, hot, sexy, adorable, beautiful, and stunning."

How does it feel to be voted the sexiest cover in Maxim’s 16-year history?

Oh, my God, I’m so excited. I think it’s really awesome. I’m such a big fan of the magazine. At 34, to be considered sexy is a big deal. [laughs] Because you start to wonder.


Do you have anything to say to the thousands of readers who chose you?

Thank you, thank you, thank you, and I promise to always keep it sexy. I want another cover! I’ve done four, and I think I’ve got a good seven covers left.


So why not make it an even eight?

I love the number eight. Let’s do it.


Done! Is it weird that you beat your younger self?

It’s so funny, right? For an older version to beat the younger version—that is a real feat.


So you don’t feel bad for your younger self?

I don’t.


As prolific as you’ve been, do you look to any cover girls for inspiration?

Any of the Victoria’s Secret Angels inspire me.


In your interview a year ago, you noted your favorite part of your body. We’re updating our records. Your favorite body part these days is…?

Still my boobs. [laughs]

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