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Maxim catches up with our favorite Essex girl, model and actress Mieke Dockley.

You have a pretty unusual name, where’s it from?
My name is Dutch, but it’s nothing to do with me coming from Holland. My mum loved it and decided to call me it.


You’re an actress as well as a model - what would our guys know you from?
My first role was quite a raunchy one as Anna in Camelot on Channel 4. I had a love scene with Jamie Campbell-Bower, who played King Arthur. I then appeared in British Indie film Turnout and then toured the UK with Up Pompeii!, an adaptation of the sexy '60s comedy, where I played the sexy Voluptua. There is definitely a theme to the parts that I seem to attract!

We read you aspire to being a Bond girl - who is your favourite Bond girl and why?
My favourite Bond girl would have to be Eva Green. She is amazing to watch and is so natural and just oozes sexiness.


What would be your ultimate femme fatale look?
My femme fatale look would have to be a pair of killer heels and a tight dress!

Is there one movie that you wish you’d been in?
Apart from a Bond film, it would have to be American Pie, as it’s hilarious and never dates to me.


You’re dating England U21 footballer Adam Smith. How is it to be a WAG?
I wouldn't call myself a WAG, really, but my friends and family think it’s funny. We went to school together, so I’ve known him since we were just 12-years-old.

As an Essex girl, who do you support?
I never used to be interested in football, but when it’s constantly in your face you get used to it - I’m actually surprised by how much I know these days! Most of my family support Tottenham, but I just support whoever my man is playing for at the time.

While we’re on the Essex thing – what do you make of The Only Way Is Essex?
I do like TOWIE, but I think it’s a bit like eating a McDonalds - after you’ve done it, you think, why did I just do that?

Besides being sporty, what kind of blokes do you generally go for?
I wouldn't say I like sporty blokes, but you wouldn't want to go out with a couch potato, would you? Ultimately, I like someone who can make me laugh. But I don't like a man to be too polished - they need to be a bit rough round the edges.

What’s your favorite part of your body?
People say my most striking feature are my legs and I suppose I’d have to agree – they keep nicely toned from all the horse riding I do.

Mieke My Day!

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