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Miss Maxim: Portugal

From the pages of Maxmen (that’s the Portuguese Maxim), it’s Bárbara Brandão!

At 19 years old this engineering student beat out 391 other candidates for the Miss Maxmen 2010 crown. The real winners, however, were the readers. Meet Bárbara Brandão.

Did you expect to win?
No, because when you participate in a contest like this one, there are lots of beautiful girls.

What happened when you got the phone call?
I grabbed my mother, my father grabbed me, all emotional, and they started kissing me. Then they said they already knew it was going to be me, that I was perfect, that kind of stuff.

Has anyone recognized you on the street?
Yes, during a parade a guy came to me and asked if I was one of the Miss Maxmen finalists. My face turned red, and I said, “No!” and ran away. I was very embarrassed.

Your favorite sport is swimming?
I started when I was a year and a half. I still wore diapers in the water, because people were afraid I’d do something
in the swimming pool.

Have you considered being a lifeguard? Beaches haven’t been the same since the end of Baywatch…
Oh, no. You have to deal a lot with panic situations. I get freaked out with that kind of stuff.

Maybe a good reason to stick with the swim diapers…