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Believe it or not, we love her for more than just her hands.

What massage technique do you specialize in?
It’s a spin on the deep-tissue method, so I applied a lot of pressure with the employees here. When it comes to a mas­sage, there’s no need to be gentle.


Looks like you had plenty of patients today.

Yes, they were all com­plaining about having a lot of tension, but when I got to them it became obvious that some of the guys really only wanted to take advantage of a free massage.



It’s a pretty good bet that many of them have never been touched by a woman before.
You know, even though I was the half-naked one, they all behaved like gentlemen! I admit I loved all the attention.




Do you enjoy being on the receiving end of massages as well?
Of course. It’s definitely a quality I look for in a boyfriend, and I’m always happy to return the favor!




Do you enjoy taking part in any activities that don’t consist of people touching each other?

Well, some nights I like to go out clubbing, and other nights I prefer just to chill at home. But honestly my favorite thing to do is make love with my lover.

Where do we apply for that gig?
Well, if you don’t clip my wings or flaunt your money, you have a chance.

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Office Assistant: Atalita