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Our monthly search for model employees continues. It’s time to freelance without any pants.

As our Happy Hour Coordi­nator, tell us what the popular choice was today.
Definitely Johnnie Walker Black Label. Everyone loves their whiskey, which I understand because I’m from the South.

Do you prefer Southern gentlemen or city guys?
Both, really. I like any guy who can be humble and still be confident. He also needs to give me lots of attention and lots of kisses!

We’re sure plenty of guys are up for THAT! What did you think of the Maxim staffers?
They were nice and kept their eyes where they belonged—and it was fun getting everyone drunk at work!

Do you judge a guy by what he orders?
Not usually, unless it’s some­thing like an apple martini. I’d say I’m into beer guys. It’s weird, but I like beer breath!

That’s the only kind of breath we have. So what’s the best way to get your attention?
Make eye contact and come over and tell me a little bit about yourself. Just always be respectful. And trust me, if I’m interested, you’ll know.

Name: Lindsey Gayle

Birthday: December 9, 1989

Hometown: Shreveport, LA

Weird Hobby: "I play puzzle games on my iPad. Loops of Zen has really calming music."

Favorite Food: "I could live on chips and salsa."

Go-To Drink: Captain Morgan and Diet Coke

Secret Talent: "I’m good at alphabetizing: A, B, C, D, F, G…Wait."

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