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Russell Brand is a notable British comedian, author, actor, and host. He's more widely known for his sex addiction and love of the ladies. In fact, he once stated that he beds more than 80 women a month. In 2006, 2007, and 2008 he won The Sun's "Shagger of the Year" award. The award has since be renamed the "Russell Brand Shagger of the Year Award" in honor of his winning streak.

We'll take a peak at a few of the high-profile women Brand has bedded over the past few years using his notorious line, "I'm attracted to you sex-wise."

Coralie Robinson- This Big Brother UK castmate shared Russell's king-size bed on and off for nine weeks and insists that she romped with his other women, dressed as a nurse for sex, pleasured herself with his huge sex toy collection and made love all night.

Of being Branded, Coralie said, "Once I went around there and this girl with massive boobs, wearing stockings and suspenders, arrived... and then another one came. I don't know who they were and they only stayed about an hour or so but they kept Russell amused. We all joined in with each other."

Courtney Love- Just days after bedding three fans in one night, Russell Brand shared a night of passion with Kurt Kobain's ex, Courtney Love at London's Claridge's hotel. Love reportedly told a friend, "He was delicious."

Cassie Sumner- Cassie Sumner is an English glamour model and TV star in the UK. After dating Brand, Cassie sold a kiss and tell to a tabloid, causing her and Brand to publicly attack each other. "He looks like a smelly version of Captain Jack Sparrow from 'Pirates of the Caribbean.'"

Kate Moss- Brand made headlines when he dated Kate Moss. At the time both were struggling to get over addiction, and Kate was on the outs with bad boy musician Pete Doherty. Of Kate, Russell said, "Forget Kate, she's irrelevant. I prefer women with a bit of meat on them anyway."

Sadie Frost- Brand made headlines when he dated Kate Moss, but after his jump to fame and meeting her best friend, Sadie Frost (the mother of Jude Law's three kids), he moved on to greener pastures. A source said of the triangle, “Kate is a free spirit and cool with that. They’re one big happy family.”

Imogen Thomas- Russell can't stay away from Big Brother contestants - he bedded Kate Lawler, Makosi Musambasi and Becki Seddiki -  before moving on to gorgeous Welsh model Imogen Thomas.

Phoebe Price- Brand dated the red hot socialite, model, and actress Phoebe Price back in 2008. Sources say that Price has been wooing Brand since he made it big in the states.

Teresa Palmer- It seemed like this blue eyed Australian stunner was the special remedy to Brand's sex addiction and womanizing ways. After meeting Teresa on the set of 'Bedtime Stories,' Russell said, “I’m a changed man… I’ve met someone very beautiful and I’ve settled down. There’s no more womanizing.” A few months later, Brand declared himself to be "footloose and fancy free."

Holly Madison- Russell Brand hooked up with Hugh Hefner's and Criss Angel's ex, Holly Madison, during a trip to Las Vegas with his new friend Sean 'Diddy' Combs. According to reports, guests at the Venetian hotel heard the two getting intimate after they were seen together having dinner at Tao.

Katy Perry- Katy Perry kissed Russell Brand after the 2009 VMAs - and she liked it. It was the second kiss for Perry and Brand, who have an on-screen kiss in the upcoming movie "Get Him to Go Greek." After the VMA's one thing led to another, and the couple took a romantic getaway to Thailand; now they've been seen gallivanting around London together.

Russell Brand's Celeb Conquests

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