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Our tribute to the celebs from the late '70s through the early '90s who caused many a young man to have their first stirrings in their nether regions

Carrie Fisher (<i>Return of the Jedi</i>)-

Arguably the last genius decision George Lucas ever made, putting Carrie Fisher in "slave bikini" garb for Jabba the Hutt's viewing pleasure made Return of the Jedi the first Star Wars with a stiffness factor, and inspired countless Princess "Lay-a" jokes. It also did wonders for Carrie's self-esteem, as this look was far hotter than the hair buns.


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Phoebe Cates (<i>Fast Times at Ridgemont High</i>)-

Judge Reinhold proved to the world in 1982 that he had primo taste when it came to masturbation fantasies. The second best thing to ever happen to a red swimsuit, Phoebe Cates and her willingness to fling off her top (after emerging from a pool in slow-mo) gave new meaning to the term "fast times" for any kid who forgot to lock a bathroom door.


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At the same time Madonna was causing boys to squirm in their Jams, she also had them questioning their religious beliefs. Surely the Virgin Mary and the type of virgin Madge was singing about were two completely different things, right? Of course, with Madonna writhing around in that cleavage-baring wedding dress, no one was rushing to pick up a Bible.


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Lea Thompson (<i>Back to the Future</i>)-

Oedipal conflicts aside, Lorraine McFly had many of us convinced that the '50s had the hottest babes of any decade ever. From her tendency to sneak a peek at mens' underwear to that curve-showcasing dress she wore to the "Enchantment Under the Sea" dance, it's no wonder Marty didn't immediately puke after she planted one on him.


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Farrah Fawcett-

Is it any surprise Farrah earned far more in royalties for this 1976 poster than she did for all of her work on Charlie's Angels? The best thing to ever happen to a red swimsuit (and hair salons), Farrah caused an entire nation's worth of prepubescent males to simultaneously cross over into Pitched Tent Land.


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Kerri Green (<i>The Goonies</i>)-

In 1985, Sean Astin was the luckiest dude alive. Not only was the kid starring in a treasure-hunt movie with the Corey Feldman, but he got to be on the receiving end of a kiss from Kerri Green's Andy, by far the hottest Goonie (sorry, Stef). The rest of us had to make do with Kerri's short skirt and cheerleader legs, which provided more than enough ammo, so to speak.


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Jacqueline Bisset (<i>The Deep</i>)-

Another late-'70s erection icon, Jacqueline wasn't a household name until her infamous scuba-diving scenes wearing little other than a white T-shirt in The Deep. While most teenagers went to the theater too see an underwater flick with one of the guys from Jaws, Robert Shaw was the last thing on their minds once they got home.


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Heather Thomas (<i>The Fall Guy</i>)-

If any children of the '80s somehow missed the classic Phoebe Cates topless scene in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, then they got to know the bikini quite well thanks to a swimsuit-clad Heather Thomas showing off her assets in the opening credits of The Fall Guy. Nothing hotter has ever walked through a set of saloon doors, we'd wager.


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Tiffani-Amber Thiessen (<i>Saved by the Bell</i>)-

Many of our younger readers get a wistful look in their eye when you mention Kelly Kapowski...and a flicker of activity downstairs, as well. Even though Tiff had yet to make out with other chicks on primetime FOX shows, it was was easy to see why Zack and Slater nearly came to blows over the best thing to ever happen to late-'80s big hair.


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Bo Derek (<i>10</i>)-

After playing a character who gets her leg bit off in her first lead role (thanks, Orca), Bo Derek next showed up in 10, and somehow made cornrows look incredibly sexy. Actually, most eyes were glued to her chest during her now-iconic slow-mo run on the beach, and hell, if Dudley Moore could score with her, any gangly teen with a somewhat erect johnson could, right?


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Susanna Hoffs- There were numerous "Who's hotter: the Go-Go's or the Bangles?" debates that raged in the mid-'80s, but it was Bangles frontwoman Susanna Hoffs who trumped not only the rival band, but the rest of her bandmates, as well. With a sweet girl-next-door demeanor, the raven-haired beauty left many wondering what else she could do like an Egyptian.

Christina Applegate (<i>Married...With Children</i>)-

The yin to Tiffani-Amber Thiessen's yang, this Kelly who had more appeal to bad boys (ya know, the glue-sniffing kids). As the ditzy, slutty daughter on Married...With Children, Christina's penchant for wearing a leather jacket and little else was a revelation for many a red-blooded young male who snuck in half a Married ep when his parents weren't paying attention.


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