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Sara Underwood's Nerdy Picks For Fall

Summer’s over, but don’t despair: Attack of the Show!’s sexy host gives five fall happenings that make a hot nerd smile.

Photo by Bryan Steffy/WireImage

Dredd-ed Remakes
“Dredd looks awesome. The original was a little bit before my time, but it is totally my kind of movie. This one looks a million times better, in my opinion.”

Call of Dawn of the Dead
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is coming out in November, which is gonna be really cool. It’s set in the future with zombies. That’s amazing. I’m really excited for that.”

Watching People Watch Football
“I’m not terribly attached to a particular NFL team, but I like being a part of it: drinking beer, having people scream at the TV, and hanging out with friends.”

Cold Comfort
“Fall means it’s time to think about the mountains. I’m a huge, huge, huge snowboarder. It’ll get your thighs sore if you’re just learning—
you won’t be able to walk the next day.”

Your Schlubby Outfit
“I always say just wear what your style is. In the fall I personally like men in a thermal, a hoodie, pants—they can even have holes in them—and Chuck Taylors.”

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