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Jessica Rafalowski-

While we like girls from all different parts of the world, we really like these sexy urban-dwellers, especially when they hang out on the sidewalk in their underwear. What? We can dream!

[See Jessica's Gallery.]


Tiffany Stone-

[See Tiffany's Gallery.]

Lolly Malone-

[See Lolly's Gallery.]

Brooke Weisbender-

[See Brooke's Gallery.]

Nicole Pisarri-

[See Nicole's Gallery.]

Bree Turner -

[See Bree's Gallery.]

Stephanie Pratt-

[See Stephanie's Gallery.]

April Rose-

[See April's Gallery.]

Jenn Sterger-

[See Jenn's Gallery.]

Caite Upton-

[See Caite's Gallery.]

Nicole Scherzinger-

[See Nicole's Gallery.]

Sexy City Slickers