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Thanks to their stripes, these girls look more delicious than a candy cane.

[See Lauren's Gallery.]

April Rose: Four Hottie Salute-

[See The Four Hottie Salute Gallery.]

Susie Castillo-

[See Susie's Gallery.]

Kenda Perez-

[See Kenda's Gallery.]


[See Ariel's Gallery.]


[See iJustine's Gallery.]

Krysten Ritter-

[See Krysten's Gallery.]

Kimberly: Girls in Red, White, & Blue-

[See The Red, White, & Blue Gallery.]

Natalin Avci-

[See Natalin's Gallery.]

Stephanie Pratt-

[See Stephanie's Gallery.]

Nicki Kretchmer-

[See Nicki's Gallery.]

Sarah Silverman-

[See Sarah's Gallery.]

Striped Babes