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Savor these cinematic beauties in their hottest roles.

15. KEIRA KNIGHTLEY- Peak Hotness: Domino Harvey in Domino
Since Keira usually sports corsets or pirate costumes (and makes a more convincing dude than Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom), it was refreshing to see her play a leather-clad, nunchuk-wielding badass who disarms guys with lap-dances. And by "refreshing," we mean "extremely hot."

Peak Hotness: Satan in Bedazzled
In the movie, Liz decided that the Dark Lord of Hell would, naturally, be really into playing dress-up: As a hot cop, a hot schoolteacher, and (yes!) a hot cheerleader. The whole thing is like the sexiest Halloween party you've ever been to…just as long as you ignore Brendan Fraser.

13. SHARON STONE- Peak Hotness: Catherine Tramell in Basic Instinct
Stone has never been hotter than this (see the unfortunate Basic Instinct 2). Her ice queen killer was so goddamn sexy, the flower of her womanhood alone was enough to hypnotize and entire room full of cops (and moviegoers).

12. SHANNON ELIZABETH- Peak Hotness: Nadia in American Pie
Screenwriter Fantasy #101: The scathingly hot foreign exchange student who is inexplicably turned on by nerds. Wish-fulfillment has never looked so good, and neither has Shannon. We want the scene of her patting her "tummy" while looking at herself topless in the mirror installed on tiny LCD screens inside our eyelids.

10. DIANE LANE- Peak Hotness: Ellen Aim in Streets of Fire
First, credit where credit is due: Even though she's on the other side of 40, Lane is still smoking. But her role as a tough cookie pop singer in a strange, possibly futuristic world is unbeatable. She's like some hybrid of Jessica Rabbit and a less-butch Joan Jett.

9. JORDANA BREWSTER- Peak Hotness: Lucy Diamond in D.E.B.S.
We actually should be complaining that Jordana is the only actress in this movie to not wear a schoolgirl outfit at any point. Still, her lovestruck lesbian criminal mastermind is like that comic book-and-Nyquil-fueled fever dream you had when you were 13.

8. HALLE BERRY- Peak Hotness: Jinx in Die Another Day
If Billy Bob Thornton's scrawny ass still didn't give us night terrors, we'd have probably gone with her role in Monster's ("I wanna feel goooood…") Ball. But watching Ms. Berry (if you're nasty) emerge from the water in an orange bikini was so powerful, even Pierce Brosnan almost, for a second, seemed interested in women.

7. ROSARIO DAWSON- Peak Hotness: Roxanne in Alexander
Oliver Stone's epic about Alexander the Great was pretty much a mess, but he fell back on an old trick to keep us interested: The ample bare breasts of a hot actress. Rosario's "part sex, part Greco-Roman wrestling" match with Colin Farrell was more entrancing than the "part battle scene, part bad LSD at a Dead show" climax.

6. JESSICA BIEL- Peak Hotness: Erin in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
First of all, we could care less what, exactly, was causing Biel to sweat through her wife-beater-hell, it could have been The Texas Spin Class Massacre, just as long as she was drenched and breathing heavily.

5. UMA THURMAN- Peak Hotness: Cecile in Dangerous LiaisonsIt's a special woman who can steal a movie away from a still-in-her-prime Michelle Pfeiffer, but Uma pulled it off (in every possible sense of that term). Bonus for ripping her bodice in a flick that makes us look like we have taste when we rent it, not like we're drooling freaks (which is every other time).

4. CAMERON DIAZ- Peak Hotness: Tina Carlyle in The Mask
One scene. That's all it took to launch Cameron's career. All she had to do was walk into a bank on a rainy day and bend over, and her cleavage did the rest. Actually, her cleavage would also like to take this moment to personally apologize to you for In Her Shoes.

Peak Hotness: Josie McClellan in Career Opportunities
Even sporting some baby fat and rocking a unibrow, Connelly still comes in at #3. Not impressed? She also did the impossible by temporarily making the world jealous of Frank Whaley. Oh, yeah, she's that good.

2. JESSICA ALBA- Peak Hotness: Honey Daniels in Honey
All thick dark hair and bare midriffs as hip hop choreographer Honey, Alba popped and locked her taught body in mind-altering ways. Considering that she's now going generically blonde, it's better to remember her here, at he multi-ethnic best.

1. ANGELINA JOLIE- Peak Hotness: Gia Carangi in Gia
Which part of supermodel junkie lesbian do you not understand? That's right, before she was trying to feed or adopt the world into submission, she was doing scene after scene of girl-on-girl action. She may be above it all now, but we have our memories (and DVD).

11. JENNIFER LOPEZ- Peak Hotness: Karen Sisco in Out of Sight
Sultry. Seductive. Smoother than single malt Scotch. Man, George Clooney is something. And he needed a love interest that could match him. Lopez fit the bill (and the skirts) on all counts. The scene where she's wearing nothing but short shorts and a Miami Dolphins jersey should not be viewed by anyone with a heart condition (that means you, Dennis Farina).

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