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In honor of Ohio’s Twins Day Festival in August, we’re celebrating the hottest moments in womb-sharing sisters.

Rosie and Jenny Deutsch

In 1905, Hungarian-born Rosie and Jenny Deutsch emigrate to the United States, become famous as vaudeville dancers known as the Dolly Sisters, and take on many royal and wealthy lovers. They are essentially the Kar­dashians of the early 20th century (except with actual talent).

Doublemint Twins-
In 1939, Doublemint gum begins using attractive female twins in ad campaigns. Not since the Pillsbury Doughboy have so many people wanted to poke a product mascot.

The Barbi Twins-
In 1963, Marsha Barbi gives birth to twin girls, Sia and Shane—the Barbi twins. They’re so hot their zygote prematurely split!

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen-
In 2004, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen turn 18, making it OK to ask for play dates with Michelle Tanner.

Barbara and Jen­na Bush-
In 2006, Barbara and Jen­na go to Argentina for their 25th birthday and reportedly are asked to leave due to wild drinking and streaking in the hotel. Look, a Bush!

The Love Twins-
In 2007, Porn stars Lynd­sey and Lacey Love, a.k.a. the Love Twins, are nominated for an AVN Award for a group sex scene. They don’t win, but it’s an honor just to be violated.

Kristina and Karissa Shannon-
In 2010, Hugh Hefner dumps two thirds of his girlfriends, twins Kristina and Karissa Shannon. Don’t worry, girls, there are lots of shriveled penises in the sea.

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