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VIDEOS: Hot Dancing Hotties

Various Hotties

Gyrating, stripping, jumping, shaking Hotties. Just watch it.


Yael: Coral Springs, FL

If you can get past the mental image of her mom and grandmother teaching her these moves, it's pretty good.


Nathia: Menifee, CA

Wait, was this an infomercial for "How To Build Confidence Through Pole Dancing"?


Cortney: Mission, Canada

She has a pole in her living room. And enjoys spanking her own buttock. Awesome.


Mary: Stamford, NY

Wait for it....wait for it. There it is, at the 90-second mark. Spontaneous sexy dancing.


Amanda: Moorestown, NJ

This is how she keeps in shape. Hmmm....


Brook: Houston, TX

Don't ruin this moment with words. Oh, great, she doesn't.


Tatiana: Miami, FL

Please don't try this at home. She's a professional.