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We proudly present you the 100 most astoundingly attractive specimens occupying this planet.

<b>100. Noureen Dewulf</b>-

Self-proclaimed redneck Noureen DeWulf grew up in Georgia but boasts the exotic looks of her parents’ native India. In this month’s Ocean’s 13, she goes toe-to-toe with film icon Al Pacino in a memorable casino scene. Sure beats teaming up with Wayne Newton.

<b>99. Mía Maestro</b>-

Here’s everything you need to know about Mía: She was born in Buenos Aires, she rocked on Alias, and she provided the heat in Prince’s racy music video “Te Amo Corazón.” (Peep it on YouTube.) And in her upcoming television show, The Man, Mía is all woman.

<b>98. Yunjin Kim</b>-

On Lost she plays Sun, a castaway with a filthy past. In real life the “Korean Julia Roberts” is a pretty woman looking for love: “People say, ‘You must have tons of guys surrounding you.’ Not true! Do I have to make the first move?” Hey, Yunjin, we’ve got food and water!

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See Yunjin in action in her Stuff video!

<b>97. Kim Kardashian</b>-

A sex tape with R&B star Ray J catapulted this stunner from daughter of O.J. lawyer Robert Kardashian to front and center of the blogosphere. We haven’t yet viewed the tape, but we would like to remind everyone that our e-mail is

<b>96. Shanna Moakler</b>-

How does God bless America? With this former Miss USA, who followed up her reality TV show by getting into a nasty nightclub dustup with Paris Hilton and throwing herself a divorce party—the cake complete with a bloody groom. See you in church on Sunday!

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<b>95. Second Life Girl</b>-

Second Life—a 3-D virtual world that’s imagined, created, and owned by its online residents—was launched in 2003 and now boasts nearly five million inhabitants around the globe. Never taken part in the nerdfest? Isn’t she reason enough?

<b>94. Kelly Carlson</b>-

She earned a legion of devotees on FX’s edgy drama Nip/Tuck, but this accomplished equestrian is letting us see more of her on the big screen. Next she stars in the high-stakes gambling flick Player 5150—but no word yet on whether she loses her shirt.

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<b>93. Christina Milian </b>-

This multiple threat went from reporting for the Disney Channel to starring in Be Cool and Pulse to keepin’ it gangsta with Young Jeezy on “Say I.” We concur with the title of her latest album: So Amazin’.

Check out her Blender artist page!

<b>92. Mary Elizabeth Winstead</b>-

After roles in Bobby and Factory Girl, she slayed us in Grindhouse. Next? She plays Bruce Willis’ daughter in Live Free or Die Hard. Yipee-kay-ay, mofos!

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<b>91. Isla Fisher</b>-

Wedding Crashers’ stage five clinger is just as audacious in real life—she’s marryingthe dude who plays Ali G and Borat. This summer she stars alongside Andy Samberg in Hot Rod. Dick in a box (office)!

Check out her Maxim photo gallery!

<b>90. Salma Hayek</b>-

We’ve had a crush on this Mexican señorita and Hollywood power broker for years, but now she’s engaged to some beret-wearing French billionaire who we’re guessing is not at all obnoxious.

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<b>89. Haylie Duff</b>-

The “other” Duff gained such a cult following with Napoleon Dynamite that readers demanded we put her on our January 2006 cover. Next she stars in Legacy and My Sexiest Year (clearly, that would be 2007).

Check out her Maxim photo gallery!

<b>88. Raquel Alessi</b>-

She stars on TV’s FBI drama Standoff and portrayed a young Roxanne in Ghost Rider (the older version was Eva Mendes). In the upcoming comedy Summerhood, she plays a character who goes by the name Cinnamon. Thanks for bringing spicy back, Raquel!

Check out her Maxim photo gallery!

<b>87. Padma Lakshmi</b>-

This acclaimed cookbook author, Top Chef host, and wife of walking dead man Salman Rushdie brings more heat to the kitchen than a habanero pepper. Psst… We prefer ours over easy.

<b>86. Michelle Trachtenberg</b>-

Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s li’l sis is all grown up and currently appearing in the big screen comedy Kickin’ It Old Skool. What? You’ve seen Eurotrip 25 times? It’s OK. We won’t tell.

<b>85. Kelly Ripa</b>-

Some people need coffee in the A.M., but when Kelly offered Regis a postoperative sponge bath—complete with a nurse costume—it made us wish we too were a cheeky TV host teetering on death.

Kelly graced our Hot 100 list in 2006 as well!

<b>84. Hometown Hottie</b>-

Besides the obvious, what’s so great about 2006 Hometown Hottie winner Kerry, who hails from Boca Raton? In her words: “Southern girls are good girls with our parents and wild partyers with friends.”

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<b>83. Ivanka Trump</b>-

This leggy former model, who hates being called an heiress, has become a tough-as-acrylic-nails VP at the Trump Organization—and even the Donald said he’d date her. That’s creepy, Warbucks!

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See Ivanka in action in her Stuff video!

<b>82. Dita Von Tesse</b>-

Marilyn Manson’s ex-wife (or ex-partner, depending on what you call his sexual identity) has made a name for herself as the face of MAC cosmetics, and by burlesque dancing in giant champagne glasses. Cheers!

<b>81. Emmanuelle Chriqui</b>-

On HBO’s Entourage, her character, Sloan, invited her blonde BFF into a threesome with her boyfriend, Eric. Viewers were denied full-frontal nudity, so here’s hoping things are made right inseason four.

Check out still sexy Emmanuelle on our 2006 Hot 100 list!

<b>80. Abbie Cornish </b>-

The face that launched 1,000 tabloid headlines during the much-ballyhooed Reese Witherspoon/ Ryan Phillippe bust-up belongs to this beautiful Aussie, who burns up the screen in this fall’s Stop Loss.

<b>79. Adrianne Palicki</b>-

Relive your high school glory days while watching ABC’s hit football drama, Friday Night Lights, featuring Adrianne as bad girl Tyra Collette, who’s just like the unobtainablegirl you used to daydream about in biology class. Remember, sport, there is no “i” in “awesome.”

Check out her Maxim photo gallery!

<b>78. Joss Stone</b>-

At 16 this preternaturally gifted singer was compared to Janis Joplin. With over 7.5 million CDs sold, she coos on her third disc, “Bring me your sugar, and pour it all over me.” Only if you bring the vacuum, babe!

Check out Joss Stone's Blender artist page!

<b>77. Hilarie Burton</b>-

“There’s nothing like a little Journey at 2 A.M.,” One Tree Hill star Hilarie told us when she was on our cover. Now we fondly think of her every time some drunk butchers “Don’t Stop Believin’” at karaoke.

Check out her Maxim photo gallery!

<b>76. Diora Baird</b>-

Sometimes an actress becomes a star in a single scene. It helps when she looks like Diora and istopless (as happened in the hit Wedding Crashers), paving the way for bigger parts in films such as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning.

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<b>75. April Scott</b>-

When it came time for the makers of The Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning to find someone to fill the shorts of past Daisies Catherine Bach and Jessica Simpson, they turned to Ms. Scott (who’s a winner of 85 beauty pageants). Way to make a made-for-TV stinker watchable, April!

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<b>74. Tara Conner</b>-

It’s been a banner year for the 21-year-old former Miss USA, who shot to stardom for partying too much and getting thrown into rehab at the insistence of pageant boss Donald Trump. Whatever, Donnie Downer—like you’ve never danced on a banquette.

<b>73. Mena Suvari</b>-

She came to prominence in 1999’s American movies (Beauty and Pie—Pie’s the one where Seann William Scott drinks spooge). Mena’s since branched into TV (Six Feet Under) while cranking out films, like this year’s horror flick Stuck. Somewhere Chris Klein weeps.

<b>72. Ciara</b>-

It’s surprising what some people can accomplish by 21. Ciara dropped an album (Goodies) that sold nearly five million copies and a follow-up (The Evolution) that debuted at number one. But did she ever work the fryer at Arby’s? Ha, thought not.

Check out Ciara's artist page!

<b>71. Willa Ford</b>-

As outspoken as she is gorgeous, this singer caught our attention with the catchy track “I Wanna Be Bad” from the 2001 album Willa Was Here and proved she’s still a hellcat with the song “A Toast to Men (Fuck the Men).” Well, just as long as we’re all drinking.

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<b>70. Stacy Keibler</b>-

The girl of ZZ Top’s dreams is famous for her 42-inch gams, and she knows how to use them on both the big and small screens, from TV’s What About Brian to the upcoming football flick The Comebacks.

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<b>69. Danica Patrick</b>-

Just when it seemed that NASCAR had completely won America’s hearts, this speed racer entered thepicture and reminded us that IndyCar still exists. The first woman to lead at the Indy 500 does it all while looking almost as pretty as Jeff Gordon.

<b>68. Evangeline Lilly</b>-

All right, in a given week we don’t know what the hell’s going on, but as long as Lost features this Canadian import marooned on a beach we’ll keep watching. Three seasons in, she remains the breakout star on the series that’s done just a little better than her first network television effort: Stephen King’s Kingdom Hospital.

Evangeline made our Hot 100 list in 2006!

<b>67. Gabrielle Union</b>-

This UCLA grad got her big break in Deliver Us From Eva, and she’s been delivering ever since. “Hollywood needs to recognize all shades of African-American beauty,” the star of the upcoming TV series Football Wives has said. Obviously, the big dawgs are listening,

Check out her Maxim photo gallery!

<b>66. Joanna Krupa</b>-

Her billboards for Dollhouse clothing caused many a near car crash on Sunset Boulevard, and her appearance in 2007’s Lingerie Bowl was saucier than a bucket o’ wings. See her next in Ripple Effect, starring alongside some up-and-comer named Forest Whitaker.

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<b>65. Autumn Reeser</b>-

As sex-crazed nymph Taylor Townsend, she put the big O back into The O.C. Next the 26-year old from La Jolla, California appears in the big-screen crackup Palo Alto, costarring oversize thespian comedian Tom Arnold. Let’s pray she doesn’t drown in his flop sweat.

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<b>64. Lena Headey</b>-

Sparta may be remembered for the bravery of its men, but as 300’s steely Queen Gorgo, Lena showed us their ladies weren’t to be trifled with, either. Lena was born in Bermuda and raised in Britain, proving that sometimes it takes a village to create a proper Greek.

<b>63. Bianca Kajlich</b>-

Anybody who can handle David Spade’s grating comments on a daily basis is good people, and that’s just one reason we adore this 30-year-old Rules of Engagement star. Another reason? She’s a self-proclaimed “sports-playing freak.” Game on!

Check out her Maxim photo gallery!

<b>62. Danneel Harris</b>-

She graced our November 2006 cover with fellow One Tree Hill hotties Sophia Bush and Hilarie Burton, but her role in the upcoming comedy Harold & Kumar 2—the stoners go to Amsterdam—proves she’s entirely capable of smoking on her own.

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<b>61. Nadine Velazquez</b>-

The daughter of Puerto Rican immigrants, this bombshell was named one of Variety’s “10 Actors to Watch” in 2005, a decision that’s been vindicated by her funny-hot performance as sharp-tongued motel maid Catalina on the hit show My Name Is Earl.

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<b>60. Jessica White</b>-

Some people think gorgeous women are delicate flowers, but not Jessica: As a teen she took a baseball bat to a rival’s car. So when you behold her beauty as she models for Ralph Lauren, remember to look but don’t touch (unless you’re insured).

<b>59. Jamie-Lynn Sigler</b>-

She worked in musicals before landing the dream role as a Jersey Mob boss’ daughter. Sadly, Jamie-Lynn’s six-season Sopranos run is over. But just as Baywatch begat Baywatch Nights and Baywatch Hawaii, we demand a Meadow spin-off. Whaddya say, David Chase?

Check out her Maxim photo gallery!
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<b>58. Penélope Cruz</b>-

We always knew she was gorgeous, but it wasn’t until her Oscar-nominated turn in Volver that we realized she was a brilliant actress, too. Next up: The Good Night, Manolete, Elegy, and some Woody Allen “Spanish project.” You let the good one slip away, Cruise!

Click here for more photos of Penélope!

<b>57. Tricia Helfer</b>-

She won Ford’s Supermodel of the World contest before moving on to playing the beloved Number Six on Battlestar Galactica. The show takes place after billions of lives have been lost to nuclear fires…but we get to look at Tricia, so humanity could be worse off.

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<b>56. Michele Merkin</b>-

Her career got off to a less-than-sterling start (a Playtex commercial), but since then her TV work on Extreme Dodgeball and Foody Call and her voicing of Joanna Dark in the video game Perfect Dark Zero have established her as a woman guys love to love.


<b>55. Halle Berry</b>-

With more than a dozen awards to date—ranging from an Oscar for Monster’s Ball to a Razzie for Catwoman, which she graciously accepted in person—this former model has become one of Hollywood’s most successful actor-producers. Let’s just hope those rumors about Halle’s imminent hip-hop album really are a big hoax.

Check out her Maxim photo gallery!

<b>54. Missy Peregrym</b>-

Dark Angel may not have had the reputation of The Sopranos, but it did give us both Jessica Alba and this Canadian import. Missy's contribution to the cult led to a recurring role in Heroes and the guilty pleasure Stick It. Way to nail that landing, Missy.

<b>53. Adriana Lima</b>-

This Catholic Victoria’s Secret stunner began modeling when she was 13, was once engaged to Lenny Kravitz, and says she’s still a virgin. (You should have bathed, dude!) In the soulful words of ’70s R&B group Tavares, “Heaven must be missing an angel.”

<b>52. Kate Walsh</b>-

One reason we abstain—but just barely—from jumping out the window while our girlfriends sob through Grey’s Anatomy? This stunning redhead, who first caught our attention in Kicking and Screaming. She’s rumored to be getting her own spin-off show, which makes sense, because no one has looked this good in scrubs since Doogie.

<b>51. Alessandra Ambrosio</b>-

When she’s not spreading her wings for Victoria’s Secret, this Brazilian-born supermodel is givingmovies like Casino Royale a dose of her signature South American charm. Yo, Alessandra, our Maxim offices could use that, too!

Check out more photos of Alessandra!

<b>50. Miss Maxim</b>-

Out of dozens of ultrahot contestants from Holland to Singapore,’s readers picked Romanian beauty Cristina Dumitru to wear the proverbial crown as Miss Maxim 2006. And you thought Romania only produced vampires and anorexic gymnasts.

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<b>49. Mischa Barton</b>-

Drug-addled Marissa may have croaked on The O.C., but Mischa lives on, hawking shoes for Keds and appearing in the upcoming flick Malice in Wonderland. Oh, and she’s apparently back on the market, having broken up with musician Cisco “Horse Balls” Adler.

Mischa made our Hott 100 list in 2006!

<b>48. Mandy Moore</b>-

At 15 she released her first album, So Real. Now 23, Mandy has gone from pop tart to artist, taking on her first grownup role in Dedication and holing up in Woodstock, N.Y. to record her new CD, Wild Hope. “I’m finding myself,” she says. OK, we’ll keep looking.

Check out Mandy's artist page!

<b>47. Katharine McPhee </b>-

Proof that second is sometimes better than first, this 2006 American Idol runner-up showed everyone (including granny heartthrob Taylor Hicks) by selling 116,000 records the week her album dropped. We’ve got a McPheever, and we don’t want no Robitussin.

Check out Katharine's artist page!

<b>46. Kristen Bell</b>-

Voted PETA’s World’s Sexiest Vegetarian last year, this Veronica Mars star has single-handedly saved the CW from becoming the worst network ever. Next she hits the big screen (with William Shatner) in Fanboys.

Check out her Maxim photo gallery!

<b>45. Bar Refaeli</b>-

How do you know when someone’s gone from model to supermodel? When she’s appeared in practically every fashion magazine in the world, worked as a lingerie model, and been spotted on the arm of Leonardo DiCaprio—just like this incredible Israeli.

<b>44. Rose McGowan</b>-

As a go-go dancer in Grindhouse, our April cover girl kicked ass with a machine-gun leg and four-inch stilettos. And in real life she’s just as tough, bragging, “In sixth grade I accidentally broke my boyfriend’s nose.” Damn, woman!

Check out her Maxim photo gallery!

<b>43. Kate Mara</b>-

Even if she weren’t a beautiful film star (We Are Marshall, Shooter), this New York native would be any guy’s dream girl—her great-grandfathers founded the New York Giants and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Hello, skybox!

<b>42. Minka Kelly</b>-

What’s better than dating the head cheerleader? Dating this hottie who plays the head cheerleader on Friday Night Lights. You can also see 26-year-old Minka in this fall’s international thriller The Kingdom.

Check out her Maxim photo gallery!

<b>41. Jessica Simpson</b>-

Studio heads originally cast David Lee Roth to star in the upcoming comedy Blonde Ambition, but they changed their minds when they realized they would sell more tickets by casting this Texas bombshell…

Check out her Maxim photo gallery!
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See more of Jessica on her artist page!

<b>40. Moon Bloodgood</b>-

As bonko Paula Abdul drags the name of ex–Laker Girls through the mud, this Day Break and Pathfinder star is here to repair the damage, appearing on our Hot 100 list for the third time.

Moon Bloodgood made our Hot 100 list in 2006!

<b>39. Rachel Bilson</b>-

Summer came to an abrupt end when The O.C. was unceremoniously yanked off the air, but this button-hot star is on to bigger-budgeted and better things, including Jumper, an upcoming action pic from the Mr. & Mrs. Smith peeps.

Check out her Stuff photo gallery!

<b>38. Shakira</b>-

One lesson we’ve learned from this 30-year-old Grammy Award–winning singer? In a world full of dishonesty, there’s one thing we can count on to tell us the truth: hips. Because her hips don’t lie.

Check out her Maxim photo gallery!
Want more? Check out her artist page!

<b>37. Ashley Olsen</b>-

No offense to the two-minutes-younger Mary-Kate, but there’s something about Ashley that just oozes sexy. What? The Olsens raked in $40 million in 2006, landing them on top of Forbes’ Young Hollywood’s Top-Earning Stars list? We had no idea.

Ashley and her sister made our list of the ten toughest women to woo.

<b>36. Jaime King</b>-

This foxy former model may have stumbled a bit as she transitioned from fashion to acting (Happy Campers, Kitchen Confidential, or Pearl Harbor, anyone?), but she redeemed herself nicely as alluring twins Goldie and Wendy in Robert Rodriguez’s Sin City.

<b>35. Jennifer Garner</b>-

Damn that Ben Affleck. Just when he lets one incredible Jennifer go, another one moves in to fill the void. After breaking big in TV’s Alias, this hot mama is all about the big screen, next up in The Kingdom with Jamie Foxx and Juno with Jason Bateman.

<b>34. Vanessa Minnillo</b>-

“I’ve had to learn that you can’t please all the people all the time,” the outrageously gorgeous Entertainment Tonight correspondent, MTV VJ, and better half of singer Nick Lachey confided to us when she appeared on our October 2006 cover. Which was weird, because we’ve always found Vanessa entirely satisfactory!

Check out her Maxim photo gallery!
See Vanessa in action in her Maxim video!

<b>33. Roselyn Sanchez </b>-

Thanks to this talented raven-haired actress, CBS’s Without a Trace went from a show for squawking old crows to must-DVR TV. The Miss American Petite 1994 winner next returns to play Jackie Chan’s love interest in Rush Hour 3. And without barfing!

Check out her Maxim photo gallery!
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See Roselyn in action in her Maxim video!

<b>32. Lacey Chabert</b>-

We’re not saying Black Christmas deserves Oscar recognition, but it was good enough to inspire infatuation with its star, who has embraced womanhood (and appeared on our cover) since playing whiny Claudia on Party of Five. Hey, Lacey, our eyes are up here!

Check out her Maxim photo gallery!
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<b>31. Amy Smart</b>-

Growing up, this 31-year-old modeled and was the only girl on her Little League team. She’s kept the versatility as an actor, playing the good girl in Varsity Blues and the bad girl who has lent her voice to TV’s demented Robot Chicken. Now, that’s range!

Check out more photos of Amy!

<b>30. Rebecca Romijn</b>-

Hollywood gets flack for producing too many sequels, but anything—including the upcoming Magneto—that provides an excuse to see this former supermodel in body paint is fine by us. We also appreciate her bringing some beauty to TV’s Ugly Betty. P.S. As she and fiancé Jerry O’Connell hooked up at Maxim’s 2004 Hot 100 party, we figure we owe men everywhere an apology.

Check out her Maxim photo gallery!
Check out Rebecca's sexy photo shoot from 2000!Click here for more Rebecca Romijn!

<b>29. Sarah Silverman</b>-

Utterly adorable woman + incredibly offensive observations = comic gold! The Sarah Silverman Program is Comedy Central’s ballsiest, most original offering since Chappelle’s Show premiered in 2003. Now if she can just resist the urge to run off to Africa…

Sarah was number 50 on our list last year!
Check out what Sarah has to say about homeless men choking her!
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Sarah talks to Stuff, and apologizes for nothing.

<b>28. Carmen Electra</b>-

A Hot 100 list wouldn’t be a Hot 100 list without eternal flame Carmen Electra, who stars in awesome striptease workout DVDs, had a rumored fling with rock goddess Joan Jett, and has completed nearly 30 movies, including Last Call at Murray’s, and the British comedy I Want Candy. Who plays the title role in that last one? Take a wild guess.

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<b>27. Kate Hudson</b>-

Gone are the days when this former Tommy Hilfiger model was seen as just Goldie Hawn’s spawn. With an Oscar nod for Almost Famous and upcoming A-list flicks including Fool’s Gold, this sexy free spirit has proved she has more than just great genes.

<b>26. Nelly Furtado</b>-

Thanks to high-cred producer Timbaland, Nelly Furtado went from birdlike Lilith Fair staple to promiscuous girl on her highly acclaimed comeback album, Loose, which reached number one on the Billboard charts. She just wrapped a world tour, belting out hits like “Maneater” and “Say It Right,” so save those camera phone pics (we won’t tell anyone).

Check out Nelly's artist gallery!

<b>25. Elisha Cuthbert</b>-

This curvy Canadian caught America’s attention playing Jack’s daughter on Fox’s 24 and has gone on to do movies loved by men (Old School), movies loved by women (Love Actually), and one movie not loved by anyone (House of Wax). Aww, you tease the ones you love.

Check out her Maxim photo gallery!

<b>24. Sophia Bush</b>-

Her films haven’t always been winners—cough, Supercross—but on One Tree Hill and in this year’s decent remake of The Hitcher, there’s no question Sophia is a star. With one Maxim cover in the can already, this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship…

Check out her Maxim photo gallery!
Get an exclusive look at Sophia's movie The Hitcher!
See more of sexy Sophia!

<b>23. Hilary Duff</b>-

We first noticed this 19-year-old on Lizzie McGuire—what, you don’t watch the Disney Channel?—but since then she’s provided the world with hit movies (Cheaper by the Dozen), a clothing line (Stuff), and a mature new sound on her latest album, Dignity.

Check out Hilary's artist gallery!

<b>22. Nicole Scherzinger</b>-

Quick, name a Pussycat Doll who’s not Nicole Scherzinger. Can’t do it, can you? Somehow, in a chart-topping group made up of a singing, gyrating bombshells, this conservative Catholic-raised stunner, who was born in Honolulu, steals the spotlight every time.

Check out her Maxim photo gallery alongside Carmen Electra, Christina Applegate and Christina Aguilera!
Click here for more Nicole and the Pussycat Dolls!

<b>21. Kate Beckinsale</b>-

She’s a college dropout, but unlike your “reading hurts my brain” excuse, Kate left Oxford because her acting career was taking off, leading to a crop of hit films, including Underworld, Click, and the snuff-film thriller Vacancy. We knew book learnin’ was a waste of time!

Check out more photos of Kate!

<b>20. Keira Knightley</b>-

It’s easy to dismiss her as just a pretty face—unless you see her act. The talented Brit can handle the highbrow (she received a Best Actress nod for Pride & Prejudice) and movies inspired by a theme park ride (the Pirates of the Caribbean series). Jolly good show!

Keira made our Hot 100 list in 2006!

<b>19. Cameron Diaz</b>-

There’s something about this 34-year-old former model that we just like. Maybe it’s her goofball smile, or her gregarious personality, or the way she rakes in a whopping $20 million per movie. (Ranked by Forbes as the 15th-richest woman in entertainment, her net worth is estimated at $75 million.) But we mainly like her for her body. Hey, Mom told us honesty was the best policy.

Check out her Maxim photo gallery!
See more of Cameron with Lucy Liu!

<b>18. Megan Fox</b>-

After appearing in every tween flick from Holiday in the Sun to Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, the proud bearer of five tattoos is set to break out in this summer’s highly anticipated Maxim Hot 100 show on VH1. Well, that and Michael Bay’s Transformers.

<b>17. Maria Sharapova</b>-

Anna Kournikova was the perfect tennis player—except for the way she played tennis. Then along came this six-foot-two Russian sensation, who figured out a way to score some Grand Slam titles while maintaining her ravishing good looks. By 2007 she’d racked up endorsements with everyone from Gatorade to Motorola, becoming the world’s highest-paid female athlete. Yo, Maria, can you spot us a twenty?

<b>16. Ashlee Simpson</b>-

Once dismissed as the baby sister of buxom singer-actress-divorcée Jessica, this former ballerina has finally come into her own. With two number one albums (Autobiography and I Am Me), a critically lauded run as Roxie Hart in the London stage performance of Chicago, and an altered nose, she’s become Hollywood’s hottest swan.

Check out Ashlee's artist page!

<b>15. Avril Lavigne</b>-

Since blasting onto the scene as a necktie-and-wifebeater-clad mall-punk princess, this 22-year-old has gotten hitched and received eight Grammy nods. Her new CD, The Best Damn Thing, says it all.

Check out her Maxim photo gallery!
For more photos and video, check out Avril's artist page!

<b>14. Katherine Heigl</b>-

All praise The 40-Year-Old Virgin director Judd Apatow, who took this Grey’s Anatomy star out of her shapeless scrubs and gave her a starring role (opposite Seth Rogen) in the insta-classic Knocked Up. Now if Apatow could only make Sandra Oh disappear…

Check out her Maxim photo gallery!

<b>13. Beyoncé</b>-

She may have been snubbed by the Oscars, but Jay-Z’s young B doesn’t need a naked gold dude to prove she’s got talent. Just check out her gorgeous body, her pile of Grammys, her tens of millions of albums sold… And to think, it all started with a losing performance (by her group Girls Tyme) on Star Search!

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<b>12. Angelina Jolie</b>-

First she became a goodwill ambassador for the U.N., then she began adopting a rainbow coalition of children, and last December she appeared on the cover of Maxim. Is there anything this once-every-hundred-years stunner won't do for humanity?

Angelina made our Hot 100 list in 2006!

<b>11. Sienna Miller</b>-

Anyone who's watched this 25-year-old knockout flirt with Daniel Craig in Layer Cake and channie Edie Sedgwick in Factory Girl, knows she's poised for megastardom. And with rumors of her being the next Bond Girl, we're already shaken and stirred.

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<b>10. Fergie</b>-

After joining the Black Eyed Peas in 2003, Stacy Ferguson catapulted the group from underground hip-hop heroes to Grammy-winning superstars. Her excellent solo album and impressive turn in Grindhouse (in which she meets a brutal demise) only cemented her hotness. Indeed, the Dutchess rules.

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See Fergie in action in her Maxim video!

<b>9. Eva Longoria </b>-

After her unprecedented two-year reign as the Hot 100 champion, it’s a no-brainer to keep the extraordinary Eva in our top ten. She’s still making movies (such as How I Met My Boyfriend’s Dead Fiancée), causing near-riots at the newsstand (remember her September 2006 Maxim cover?), and starring on Desperate Housewives, all while remaining as eye-searingly beautiful as ever. You’re a lucky man, Tony Parker.

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See Eva in action in her cover shoot video!
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<b>8. Rihanna</b>-

“It took me two minutes to see she was a star,” Def Jam president Jay-Z has said of the Barbadian singer he signed on the spot after she belted out Whitney Houston’s “For the Love of You” in his office. After megahits including “Unfaithful” and “S.O.S.,” Billboard’s 2006 Female Artist of the Year is back in the studio working with Ne-Yo. Now let’s just hope a studio boss puts this beauty on the big screen.

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<b>7. Eva Mendes </b>-

We don’t mean to brag, but we can tell you firsthand that our February cover girl is as pleasant to dine with as she is gorgeous. If you’re ever blessed with the opportunity, make sure to ask this lovely Latina about her adoration for Jessica Simpson and Cameron Diaz (numbers 41 and 19 on this list), the “huge bajoongas” she had in Ghost Rider, and her next project, We Own the Night,

<b>6. Ali Larter</b>-

We believe all strippers are creatures of wonder and mystery, but none are as spectacular as Niki Sanders, the Webcam tease with a superhuman alter ego on Heroes. A woman as extraordinary as Ali can’t be confined to the small screen, however, which is why she’s starring later this year in Resident Evil: Extinction with Milla Jovovich.

Ali Larter is our hero in her Maxim photo shoot!

<b>5. Jessica Biel</b>-

After going the family-fun route on TV’s 7th Heaven, this 25-year-old went on to become the best part of cult hits like Blade: Trinity and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Then she buffed up, got serious, and moved on up beside Paul Giamatti and Ed Norton in The Illusionist. Next she flexes her comedy guns (in her underwear, no less) alongside Adam Sandler in I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry.

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<b>4. Christina Aguilera</b>-

Time was, blonde, precocious Mickey Mouse Clubbers were not predicted to achieve long-lasting superstardom. But this petite dynamo—with her incredible pipes, unabashed sex appeal, and new-old-Hollywood style—proved to be a unique talent. Now established with big-time street cred, Grammys galore, and numerous hit records, including her latest, Back to Basics, it’s no wonder Christina appeared on the all-time best-selling issue of Maxim.

Christina gets dirty in her Maxim photo shoot!
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<b>3. Scarlett Johansson </b>-

This 22-year-old face of Louis Vuitton has chalked up several memorable moments on film: the time she appeared in sheer pink panties (Lost in Translation), the time she went ape-shit and got herself shotgunned to death (Match Point), the time she… Well, we could go on, but the point is this: With a face and body as celebrated as her body

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<b>2. Jessica Alba</b>-

Sure, Jessica was stunning on TV’s Dark Angel, but when she appeared larger than life in Frank Miller’s Sin City—sporting leather chaps, do-me lips, and a whip—we knew the silver screen was where she belonged. Since then Jessica has proved to be a genuine movie star, even when she’s appearing in clunkers like Into the Blue (not that we haven’t watched it some 29 times). With roles in this summer’s Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer and the upcoming Sin City 2, this always tempting confection continues to show that television’s loss is the rest of society’s gain.

Check out her Maxim photo gallery!
We're all about Alba in her Maxim photo shoot!

<b>1. Lindsay Lohan</b>-

Tabloid bloodsuckers have been feasting on this Long Island native for three years running, butthat’s only because this unbelievably beautiful, untamable Golden Age throwback with a nonstop social calendar and acclaimed acting chops is Ann-Margret, Meryl Streep, and Sophia Loren rolled into one. Moving well beyond kid fodder like Herbie Fully Loaded, she next stars in the highly anticipated film about the murder of John Lennon, Chapter 27. She’s following that up with the freaky

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