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The ultimate list of the world's most beautiful women. See the full list here!

1. Marisa Miller-

As Sports Illustrated’s 2008 Swimsuit Issue cover girl, Victoria’s Secret’s number one Angel (sorry, Gisele), and the crème de la crème of Maxim’s ninth annual Hot 100 list, Marisa Miller embodies the official return of the all-American supermodel. Not since Cindy Crawford ruled the catwalk has a pinup born and bred on U.S. soil so thoroughly captured the imagination of the American male. It must be strange living a life in which no man can formulate a coherent sentence in your presence. Oh, and if you really need one more reason to love her: Marisa humbly says of her career, “I get a kick out of it, but it would be stupid to let it go to my head. It’s modeling—I didn’t find the cure for cancer.”

Photos: Marisa's Maxim Gallery

2. Scarlett Johansson-

Perched high atop the A-list, this dangerously curvy bombshell (and possessor of Hollywood’s most luscious lips) has the acting chops to back up her mind-melting hotness. We’ve watched her in indie films (Lost in Translation, Match Point). We’ve watched her in chick flicks (The Nanny Diaries, The Other Boleyn Girl). Truth is, we’d rapturously watch her sort her recycling. But first we’ll be in line for her most guy-friendly project yet, the noirish, Frank Miller–directed The Spirit.

Photos: Maxim Gallery

3. Jessica Biel-

No stranger to the Hot 100, Jessica first caused our collective blood pressure to rise with her role as a distractingly sexy preacher’s daughter on the family-friendly series 7th Heaven. She’s since kicked off her goody two-shoes and become a major movie star—blame the six seconds of Jessica wearing undies in I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry for its improbable $120 million box office haul. Now she’s set to star in what sounds like the greatest movie ever, Nailed, in which “a freak accident turns a small-town woman into a sexually adventurous bombshell.”

Photos: Maxim Gallery

Check her out at her hottest

4. Eva Longoria Parker-

We’d gladly mow her lawn, clear her gutters, and clean her pool with our tongues if it meant living next door to our favorite Desperate Housewife. Simply put, this Mexican-American former daytime soap siren is hotter than a truckload of jalapeños. Soon she’ll spice up the elementary-school-set comedy Lower Learning. In real life Eva had to backtrack from public comments that she was tutoring fiancé Tony Parker in bed. Apparently, the NBA star got over his shame, because they got married in 2007.

Photos: Maxim Gallery

Video: Maxim Photo Shoot 1 | Maxim Photo Shoot 2

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5. Sarah Michelle Gellar-

Her days of battling demons as Buffy may be behind her, but the sexiest vampire slayer this side of Van Helsing (kidding!) has never been hotter. Check out her sultry, hilarious turn as a porn star turned politician in Southland Tales or any of her three other projects out in 2008. Next on her plate? A big-screen reimagining of Alice in Wonderland, with SMG as a grown-up version of everyone’s favorite mushroom-munching scamp.

Photos: Maxim Gallery

Sarah has one of our favorite Seductive Movie Scenes.

6. Elisha Cuthbert-

Thanks to roles in horror flicks House of Wax and Captivity, and on TV’s most addictive thrill ride, 24, Cuthbert gave up her right to attend horror/sci-fi conventions without an armed chaperone. A starring role in the upcoming remake of the Korean smash hit My Sassy Girl confirms that our May 2008 cover girl is hotter than a bowl of Kim chi.

Photos: Maxim Gallery

Elisha has one of our favorite Seductive Movie Scenes.

7. Eva Mendes-

Denzel Washington won an Oscar for his performance in 2001’s Training Day, but Eva’s brief nude scene made her one of Hollywood’s most buzzed-about leading ladies. The L.A.-raised Cuban-American went on to star opposite Matt Damon in Stuck on You, Will Smith in Hitch, and Joaquin Phoenix in We Own the Night, and became the only woman ever to grace Maxim’s cover twice in one year (February and November 2007). Up next, a starring role in Frank Miller’s The Spirit, with Scarlett Johansson and fellow Maxim cover girl Jaime King.

Photos: Maxim Gallery

8. Christina Aguilera-

Just when you thought the teeny pop star with the jumbo voice had morphed from her “Dirrty” phase into a less controversial, classic-glamour image, she unleashes a pregnant nude photo shoot on an unsuspecting public. Looking for a new fantasy? “I love to play doctor,” Christina told us. “I got my husband a doctor’s outfit and bag full of sex toys. I wore the naughty nurse outfit, of course.”

Photos: Maxim Gallery | Blender Gallery

9. Lindsay Lohan-

After a tumultuous year involving a car wreck and rehab, La Lohan had Hollywood wondering if she was worth the trouble. Then her Marilyn Monroe–channeling topless photo shoot nearly crashed the Internet. Lindsay’s official comeback includes starring roles in Dare to Love Me, a period drama set in Argentina, and Ye Olde Times, a comedy skewering Renaissance fairs. What range!

Photos: Maxim Gallery | Blender Gallery

10. Ashley Tisdale-

This 22-year-old triple threat—she sings, dances, and acts—has been turning heads for more than a decade, with roles on 7th Heaven, Charmed, and Malcolm in the Middle. But her big break came when she was tapped to play spoiled teen queen Sharpay Evans in Disney’s High School Musical franchise after beating out a wrinkled dog (Sharpay—get it?) for the part. Ashley finally burns up the big screen when High School Musical 3: Senior Year hits theaters this fall.

Photos: Maxim Gallery

11. Charlize Theron-

The leggy South African won an Oscar in 2004 for her role in Monster, and it was truly deserved. Just consider the acting chops needed for Charlize to convincingly portray blotchy serial killer Aileen Wuornos. She’s considerably cuter in the upcoming superhero comedy Hancock.

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12. Vanessa Hudgens-

Disney tends to frown upon stars of its cash cow High School Musical franchise snapping nude photos that become an Internet obsession. Prudes! We think the “scandal” helped her stand out from her squeaky-clean costars. And it was way hotter than Goofy’s sex tape.

13. Hayden Panettiere-

OK, unlike her Heroes character, Hayden isn’t indestructible. But that gleaming smile and toned bod certainly add up to some sort of superpower. No wonder she’s making the leap to movies with I Love You, Beth Cooper. Guess what part she plays?

Photos: Maxim Gallery

14. Beyoncé-

Cher, Madonna, Gallagher—when someone reaches one-name status, you know they mean business, The sultry superstar will take a short break from acting to head into the studio to make a dance album produced by reigning hitmaker Timbaland.

Photos: Maxim Gallery

Check her out in Blender

15. Rihanna-

This Barbadian beauty’s vaguely S & M-themed video for “Umbrella...ella...ella” made us want to be her “fella...ella...ella” (sorry). Seriously, can someone get that song out of our heads?

Check her out in Blender

16. Megan Fox-

“I really enjoy having sex,” says this 22-year-old Transformers temptress. “I’m young and have a lot of hormones. I’m always in the mood.” Excuse us while we go take a long, cold shower.

Photos: Maxim Gallery

Video: Maxim Photo Shoot

17. The Pussycat Dolls-

Based on the success of their TV show, album, tours, and clothing line, the Dolls seem poised to seize control of the Senate by 2015. Prepare for a new record this summer.

Photos: Maxim Gallery | Blender Gallery

18. Ashlee Simpson-

With her new, beat-heavy album, Bittersweet World (featuring naughty alter ego Vicky Valentine), Ashlee is evolving as an artist—and setting the stage for one sexy sibling rivalry.

Check her out in Blender

19. Britney Spears-

Even after shaving her head, losing primary custody of her kids, shitting the bed at the VMAs, and dating a blood-sucking paparazzo, we’re still pulling for the pop tart turned punch line. The girl still oozes genuine sexiness, and if anyone can make a comeback, it’s her.

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20. Jennifer Love Hewitt-

The Ghost Whisperer star was a tabloid target this year, but we think she’s hotter than ever. In fact, she remains the tastiest thing to come out of Waco, Texas since Dr Pepper. Now she’s starring in a lengthily titled comedy about a hooker housewife, She Had Brains, a Body, and the Ability to Make Men Love Her.

Photos: Maxim Gallery

Check her out in Blender

21. Amber Heard-

This former Catholic school girl gone wild appears in the upcoming Seth Rogen stoner comedy (does he make any other kind?), Pineapple Express, as well as The Informers, Bret Easton Ellis’s ode to ’80s vampire flicks. Get ready to have a new celebrity crush.

22. Mischa Barton-

You might have wept like a baby when she was killed off The O.C., but our January 2008 cover girl couldn't have been more enthusiastic. "I was on the set yelling, 'More blood!'" she told us. Starring roles in three upcoming movies confirm that Mischa has successfully made the leap to the big screen.

Photos: Maxim Gallery

23. Jaime King-

Most models can’t pull off the whole “acting” thing, but recent Maxim cover girl Jaime has defied the odds with impressive turns in Blow, Pearl Harbor, and Sin City. Fresh off of Fanboys, Jaime is set to reprise her roles as twin prostitutes in Sin City 2.

Photos: Maxim Gallery

Video: Maxim Photo Shoot

24. Avril Lavigne-

What can a pop-punk princess who favors thick eyeliner, sneakers, and writing her own songs achieve? Last year Forbes named Avril the eighth-highest earner under 25— and that was before she launched her own clothing line. How popular is she? "I've had women tell me that they named their daughters after me," she says, "which is kind of weird."

Photos: Maxim Gallery 1 | Maxim Gallery 2

Video: Interview

Check her out in Blender

25. Hilary Duff-

She started off as a teen TV sensation, went on to star in movies that grossed hundreds of millions of dollars, two of her albums topped the charts, she has her own fashion line (Stuff by Hilary Duff—that rhymes!), and she’s only 20. Feel like a faliure yet? Well, if not, watch Hilary as she takes on political satire while playing a Central Asian pop star in this spring’s War, Inc. Is there anything she can’t do?

Photos: Maxim Gallery

Check her out in Blender

Videos: Blender Photo Shoot | Maxim Photo Shoot

26. Cameron Diaz-

Much has been made about how the What Happens in Vegas star is just one of the guys in real life, but really, when was the last time you’d hack off a limb to take a shower with “one of the guys”? According to Cameron, her upringing may be the root of this tomboyish rep. “I grew up with a lot of boys,” she explains. “I probably have a lot of testosterone for a woman.” Cameron, we sincerely doubt that.

Photos: Cameron's Maxim Gallery

27. Sienna Miller-

This Layer Cake and Factory Girl starlet will play one third of a love triangle (with Keira Knightley and Cillian Murphy) in The Edge of Love and, in a completely different vein, the Baroness in 2009’s G.I. Joe movie. By the way, did you know Sienna won $75,000 from British tabloids that violated her privacy by running photos from a movie nude scene?

Photos: Maxim Gallery

Video: Maxim Photo Shoot

28. Rachel Bilson-

This former O.C. sexpot delivered a dual blow to men everywhere when she denied rumors that she would star in a Wonder Woman movie and said she’d never appear nude on-screen. Keep the pain coming, God!

Photos: Maxim gallery | Stuff gallery

Video: Stuff Photo Shoot

29. Shannon Elizabeth-

Since wowing the world in American Pie, Shannon has beens showing up everywhere from That '70s Show to Dancing With the Stars, even the cover of our June issue!

Photos: Maxim Gallery

Video: Maxim Photo Shoot

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30. Julianne Hough-

The 19-year-old Dancing With the Stars hot-stepper hails from Utah, but she gyrates like she’s straight out of a fantasy. Hough’s a talented enough tangoer to help earn athletes Apolo Ohno and Helio Castroneves the gold.

Photos: Maxim Gallery

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31. Molly Sims-

She caught our eye as a swimsuit model, then ditched the surf for Sin City as a star of TV’s sexed-up Las Vegas. And while that show might be ending soon, it just means she’ll have more time for movies like Steve Martin’s The Pink Panther 2 and Jim Carrey’s Yes Man.

32. Lake Bell-

Tabloid junkies may know her as Colin Farrell’s gorgeous ex, but this Lake is more than just an impressive body of water. She stars in three upcoming movies, including the New York cop drama Pride and Glory with Farrell and Ed Norton.

33. Heidi Klum-

If “auf wiedersehen” means goodbye, how come it sounds so come-hither when uttered by our favorite German supermodel/hostess as a parting shot on Project Runway? Oh, shut up—our girlfriends make us watch that show!

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34. Jessica Alba-

It’s been a big year for one of our favorite Hollywood Jessicas: five starring movie roles, a new fiancé, and a mini-Jessica (God willing) on the way. Next she’ll outshine one of Mike Myers more annoying characters in The Love Guru.

Photos: Maxim Gallery

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35. Fergie-

As a child Fergie did voices for Charlie Brown specials. As a big girl she developed absurdly toned abs and found stardom with the Black Eyed Peas and her smash solo debut, The Dutchess. These days she and producer (and fellow Pea) are reportedly stockpiling songs for her sure-to-be-Fergalicious second solo album.

Photos: Maxim Gallery.

Video: Maxim Photo Shoot | Super Bowl Party Performance

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36. Heidi Montag-

Sometimes it isn’t all that easy starring on MTV’s hit reality-ish series The Hills. “I’m always going to be the villain,” our fabulous February cover girl (and aspiring pop singer) declares. OK, gentlemen, let’s hear it for villainy.

Photos: Maxim Gallery | Stuff Gallery | Blender Gallery

Video: Maxim Photo Shoot

37. Ashanti-

After splattering the undead in last year’s Resident Evil: Extinction, this feisty, Grammy-winning beauty is back to her day job: splattering hearts on her fourth album of lovelorn R & B, The Declaration. You can also see her in our June issue.

Photos: Maxim Gallery

Video: Maxim Photo Shoot

See her in Blender

38. Eliza Dushku-

Fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer are rejoicing as Dushku, who played the slayer Faith, has reteamed with Buffy creator Joss Whedon on his highly anticipated new show, Dollhouse.

Photos: Maxim Gallery

Eliza made our list of Women we Lust to Hate

39. Sofia Vergara-

Proof of this former dental student’s sex appeal: After seeing her Cadillac commercial—in which she gives a monologue on cup­holders—we ran out and bought 27 Escalades. Anybody need a lift?

Photos: Maxim Gallery | Stuff Gallery

40. Drew Barrymore-

On-screen she’s the go-to actress to play flaky hotties; offscreen she’s a businesswoman with her own production company. See her next in He’s Just Not That into You.

Photos: Maxim Gallery

41. Nadine Velazquez-

Thankfully, Chicago-born Nadine abandoned her childhood dream of becoming a gymnast, because My Name Is Earl needs the eye candy to distract us from Jason Lee’s monster mustache.

Photos: Maxim Gallery


Video: Maxim Photo Shoot | Stuff Photo Shoot

42. Zoe Saldana-

You’re looking at the sexiest thing to hit Star Trek since that bare-chested Kirk vs. Spock wrestling match. Zoe is Uhura in next year’s crazily anticipated J.J. Abrams’ reboot of the original concept

43. Blake Lively-

Whether she’s dishing secrets on Gossip Girl or squeezing into a pair of dungarees in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants films, Blake keeps you glued to your kid sister’s favorite shows.

Photos: Maxim Gallery

44. Jennifer Garner-

What’s next for the Golden Globe–winning Alias star with the hot dimples? Tolerating Matthew McConaughey in The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past.

Jennifer made our list of Hottest Nerd Crushes

45. Danneel Harris-

She plays Kumar’s flame in Harold & Kumar: Escape From Guantanamo Bay, so now every stoner thinks One Tree Hill’s fiery redhead is one of them. Dudes, it’s called the magic of movies.

Photos: Maxim Gallery

Video: Maxim Photo Shoot

46. Amanda Bynes-

“I like to dance,” says the former Nickelodeon sensation turned clean-living Hairspray star. “But drinking isn’t good for you in every way. It’s not good for your skin; it makes you feel horrible.”

Photos: Maxim Gallery

47. Ashley Olsen-

This cutie parlayed a role on the lamest TV show ever into all-out cultural domination that includes a production company and several clothing lines.

48. Leighton Meester-

Her character on Gossip Girl is named Blair, so you instantly know she’s catty and manipulative. During the writers’ strike, Leighton used the free time to record her first album.

49. Nelly Furtado-

This Lilith Fair alum turned sex kitten is working on a follow-up to her 2006 album, Loose. If she finds a way to top her video for “Promiscuous,” our minds might melt.

See her in Blender

50. Anna Paquin-

You know her as the sexy, troubled, and underutilized Rogue in the X-Men movies. Now she’s leading a heavyweight cast in the upcoming Margaret.

51. Leslie Bibb-

Talladega Nights proved she’s as funny as she is sexy. This summer finds her in Iron Man and the grisly film adaptation of the Clive Barker story Midnight Meat Train.

Photos: Maxim gallery | Stuff gallery

52. Mena Suvari-

The American Beauty alum, up 21 places from last year, gets points for shaving her head for the upcoming Hemingway adaptation Garden of Eden and still looking hot.

53. Jessica Simpson-

When the all-American sex symbol visited our boys in the Middle East, everyone, for a brief moment, forgot what all the fuss is about. She dons camo again in the upcoming Major Movie Star, playing a bubblehead celeb who joins the Army. Salute! “I had a blast serving food to the troops in my Daisy Dukes.” Request permission to love you, ma’am.

Photos: Maxim Gallery

Check her out in Blender

Jessica made our list of The Hottest Newly Single Women

54. Minka Kelly-

Mom was a Vegas show girl. Dad played guitar on an Aerosmith album. With those show biz genes, it’s no surprise Minka wound up the head cheerleader on TV’s acclaimed Friday Night Lights. Go-o-o, Minka!

Photos: Maxim Gallery

55. Kristen Bell-

As if the petite dynamo’s Veronica Mars fan base weren’t cultish enough, she segued into a guest role as an electricity-manipulating bad girl on Heroes and broke into Judd Apatow’s posse as the title ballbuster in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

Photos: Maxim Gallery

Veronica Mars is one of our Criminally Sexy Inverstigators

Kristen attended our Assasin's Creed Launch Party

57. Taylor Swift-

This 18-year-old 2008 Best New Artist Grammy nominee (she lost to Amy Winehouse) started performing in public when she was 10, and now she’s being called the next Faith Hill (and thankfully not the next Billy Ray Cyrus.)

Check her out in Blender

Blender Videos: 1 | 2 | 3

58. Rebecca Romijn-

Whether it’s her blue skin in the X-Men movies or her gender confusion on Ugly Betty, Rebecca keeps looking for ways to make us forget about her swimsuit-model body—and keeps failing.

Photos: Maxim Gallery

59. Malin Akerman-

As if the petite dynamo’s Veronica Mars fan base weren’t cultish enough, she segued into a guest role as an electricity-manipulating bad girl on Heroes and broke into Judd Apatow’s posse as the title ballbuster in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

Photos: Maxim Gallery

Kristen attended our Assasin's Creed Launch Party

60. Taryn Manning-

Watch out! “I’m pretty good at kicking,” says the raspy-voiced Hustle & Flow star. “If somebody came after me, I’d just send a foot straight to their solar plexus.”

Photos: Maxim Gallery | Stuff Gallery 1Stuff Gallery 2

Video: Taryn's Stuff Video

61. Isla Fisher-

Anyone who procreates with Borat is one brave soul. This awesome Aussie has tons of comedy cred thanks to Wedding Crashers, Talladega Nights and this fall’s Confessions of a Shopaholic.

Photos: Maxim Gallery

62. Kat Von D-

Tattooed from her neck to her luscious gams, LA Ink’s queen D is the hot rock’n’roll chick your mama warned you about. Open your mind, ma! It’s a lifestyle choice!

Photos: Maxim Gallery

Videos: Kat talks tats

63. Selita Ebanks-

Selita first spread her modeling wings in 2005 as a Victoria’s Secret Angel; and guys everywhere have been slipping in their own puddles of drool ever since.

64. Diora Baird-

Diora’s the reason you keep rewinding Wedding Crashers, and now her career is on fast-forward. Up next, My Best Friend’s Girl and the new Star Trek flick.

Photos: Maxim Gallery | Stuff Gallery 1 | Stuff Gallery 2

Video: Maxim Photo Shoot

Diora made our list of Earth-Shattering Nude Scenes

65. Karolina Kurkova-

The Czech-born bomb­shell is Victoria’s Secret’s current breakout Angel. Check her cameo as a model in the live-action G.I. Joe movie. Go Joe!

66. Christina Ricci-

She’s dazzled in everything from Sleepy Hollow to Black Snake Moan, and with Speed Racer, she proves she’s also at home in the racing-movie-based-on-a-bizarre-Japanese-cartoon genre.

Photos: Maxim Gallery

67. Sarah Mutch-

This supermodel sells denim as a Guess girl and frillier togs for lingerie purveyor Frederick’s of Hollywood. “Frederick’s wants that curvy girly-girl,” she says. “It’s fun to be feminine.”

Photos: Maxim Gallery

Video: Maxim Photo Shoot

68. Emilie de Ravin-

Stuck toting a baby around for much of her time on Lost, super sexy Emilie still makes the idea of being marooned on a freaky island seem not all that terrible.

Emilie de Ravin made our list of Hottest Newly Single Women

69. Vanessa Minnillo-

She was Miss Teen USA, but now that Vanessa has hosted TRL and reported for Entertainment Tonight, you can look and not feel creepy.

Photos: Maxim Gallery

Video: Maxim Photo Shoot 1 | Photo Shoot 2

70. Roselyn Sanchez-

The Without a Trace beauty says, “If people think you’re sexy and beautiful, there’s nothing wrong with that.” It’s nice to be right sometimes.

Photos: Maxim Gallery | Stuff Gallery

Video: Maxim Photo Shoot

71. Mariah Carey-

Like wine and Glitter, Mariah gets better with age. Exhibit A: Her “Touch My Body” video, in which the 38-year-old hitmaker struts in lingerie that would make a stripper blush. Want your lady to smell like Mariah? M by Mariah fragrance is just $62 for a 3.3 oz bottle!

Photos: Maxim Gallery

See her in Blender

72. Natasha Bedingfield-

It’s not Natasha’s fault that her hit “Unwritten” is used in the ubiquitous Pantene shampoo commercials. Enjoy her latest, Pocketful of Sunshine, before the ad agencies get hold of it. Not you’re typical rocker, Natasha says, “I don’t do drugs, and I’m doing my best not to be messed up.”

Photos: Blender Gallery

Video: Blender Photo Shoot

73. Gabrielle Union-

You loved her in Bad Boys 2, Cradle 2 the Grave and other movies with a “2” in them, and lucky for you, Gabrielle’s got this summer’s Meet Dave, with Eddie Murphy. When asked how she feels about being a sex symbol, Gabrielle says, “I’d rather be that than Quasimodo.”

Photos: Maxim Gallery

74. Audrina Patridge-

LC’s boy-crazy roomie stands out for being the sexy brunette in The Hills’ bevy of blondes. If you want to win her heart, take her shopping: “I feel sexy when I have a really cute dress on, I’m showing a little bit of cleavage, and I’m getting attention from guys.”

Photos: Maxim Gallery

Video: Maxim | Stuff

See Audrina and Lauren Conrad at the Assasin's Creed Launch Party

75. Mandy Moore-

Chasing Liberty. Because I Said So. License to Wed. Our crush on this adorable pop star turned actress won’t fade no matter how many romantic comedies she makes. “I’m not a big nightlife fan,” she says. “I don’t want to have to dress up when I’m not working—can’t be bothered.” Fine with us.

Photos: Maxim Gallery

See her in Blender

76. Kate Bosworth-

She’s only 25, but this generation’s Lois Lane is already established as one of Hollywood’s brightest stars. As for being one of the sexiest, we’ll let this photo do the talking. We can’t wait to see Kate in the upcoming Laundry Warrior, the tale of an Asian assassin.

Photos: Maxim Gallery

77. Alicia Keys-

An impressive turn as a hitwoman in Smokin’ Aces proved the piano pounder is capable of more than just grabbing Grammys and helped score her a role in 2009’s The Secret Life of Bees.

Photos: Maxim

78. Susie Castillo-

You shouldn’t be watching TRL on MTV—you should be at work, acting your age. We, of course, tune in daily for this insanely bubbly VJ, who first won us over as Miss USA in 2003. Slight drag: She’s recently married.

Photos: Maxim Gallery

Video: Maxim Photo Shoot.

79. Christina Milian-

At 5'2", Milian may be teeny, but she packs a double-threat punch in the form of pop star (three albums since 2001) and actress on the CW’s Eight Days a Week and flicks like Be Cool.

Check her out in Blender

80. Natalie Zea-

On the small screen, Zea has appeared on The Shield and the awesomely titled Dirty Sexy Money. She next takes on the big screen in the creeptastic snuff flim themed flick, From a Place of Darkness.

82. Penélope Cruz-

Hey, we believe in supporting American-made products as much as the next guy, but after seeing Penélope in Vanilla Sky, Sahara, and Volver, maybe outsourcing isn’t so bad after all. Up next: Woody Allen’s Vicky Cristina Barcelona.

83. Whitney Able-

Note to potential suitors: Bring your A game. When asked about her first time in the bedroom, Whitney says, “There’s only one word for that one: oops.” Catch Whitney in the upcoming thriller Grinder.

Video: Maxim Photo Shoot

84. America Ferrera-

Ready to have your mind blown? Ugly Betty is played by a woman who is, in fact, extraordinarily eye-pleasing! Gawk at her while looking all sensitive by seeing The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2.

85. Paz Vega-

Straight outta Spain comes this smoldering sexy actress. Thanks, immigration! Paz scored a part in the Jada Pinkett Smith–helmed The Human Contract. (Will Smith didn’t even get a part, and he’s sleeping with the director.)

86. Ashley Scott-

Yes, nuclear holocaust is a bad thing, but if the world’s survivors look like this Jericho star, then go ahead and push the button, Mr. President. We’ll help repopulate the world.

Photos: Maxim Gallery

87. Dita Von Teese-

This corseted Queen of Burlesque is almost as famous for being ex-wife to Marilyn Manson as she is for her “woman in a giant martini glass” routine. We’re famous for trying to jump in with her.

Photos: Maxim Gallery

Hottest Newly Single Women

88. Evangeline Lilly-

Says Lost’s resident sex symbol, “Every time I get a script, I go, ‘All right, where’s the Kate nudie scene?’ But it could be worse. They haven’t made me go skinny-dipping or have sex with six men on the island.”

Photos: Maxim Gallery

89. Stacy Keibler-

With a background in ballet, tap, and jazz dance, Stacy took the only logical career path: She became a professional wrestler—just like the Rock!

Check out all of her Stuff galleries: 1 | 2 | 3

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90. Lacey Chabert-

Our January 2007 cover girl is all grown up from her Party of Five days—high-five Father Time! Says the Missippi native, “I was raised very much a Southern belle. I’m very traditional.”

Photos: Lacey's Maxim GalleryLacey's Stuff Gallery

91. Danica Patrick-

The best thing to blaze up the Indy Racing circuit since ethanol, Danica does more than just rev our engines: She has 26 top-10 finishes in three years and was seventh overall last season.

92. Ali Larter-

When your debut movie role is a whipped-cream-slathered cheerleader, you have a lot to live up to, but Ali has managed perfectly fine with a career that includes clever horror flicks (Final Destination) and superhero powers (Heroes).

Photos: Ali's Maxim Gallery

Ali made our list of Earth-shattering Nude Scenes.

93. Brittany Snow-

She’s played every­thing from a snobby rich girl (Hairspray) to a neo-Nazi high schooler (Nip/Tuck). Brit keeps the crazy train going as an insane prostitute in Black Water Transit and a casino-loving boozehound in Finding Amanda.

Photos: Maxim Gallery

94. Emma Watson-

One of the Harry Potter stars has appeared nude onstage. Sadly, it wasn’t 18-year-old Emma (though you looked hot, Daniel!). Next up, Emma lends her voice to The Tale of Despereaux.

95. Zooey Deschanel-

We blame Zooey for all the coal in our stocking at Christmas: Her breakthrough role with Will Ferrell in Elf inspired many a naughty thought. Next she’ll tackle spooky stuff in M. Night Shya­malan’s The Happening.

96. Michele Merkin-

Plucked out of high school by a modeling agency, Michele recently heated up ABC’s The Next Best Thing as the sexiest host since Bob Barker.

Photos: Maxim Gallery | Stuff Gallery

Maxim Video Shoots: 1 | 2

97. Olivia Wilde-

Olivia had tongues wagging when she snogged Mischa Barton on The O.C., and she’ll be doing more scandalous things with Jack Black and Michael Cera in the biblical farce Year One.

98. Cheryl Burke-

This two-time Dancing With the Stars winner’s saucy secret? She told us that after a few cocktails she “likes to bring sexy back on the dance floor.” Hey, barkeep, keep ’em coming!

Photos: Cheryl's Stuff Gallery

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Cheryl is one of the Girls of Dancing With the Stars

And our list of Hotties of Fall TV

99. Olivia Munn-

The 25-year-old first earned her geek goddess status as cohost of G4’s gaming-news show, Attack of the Show, but the rest of America fell in love with Big Stan. (OK, that was pretty dorky, too.)

100. Tila Tequila-

The MySpace phenom scored ratings gold with her bisexual friend re­quests on MTV’s A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila, now in its second season. It’s as if hot tubs were invented for Tila to make out with other chicks in.

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