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The definitive list of the world's most beautiful women.

100. Lauren Storm-

“I think girls are pretty, they smell nice, and they’re soft,” the stunning Chi-town native recently told us. Hey, Lauren, if you’re ever interested in reliving your threesome from I Love You, Beth Cooper, count us in!


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99. Alison Brie-

She plays a buttoned-up bookworm on Community and a repressed ’60s housewife on Mad Men. Someone cast this talented babe as a crazed exhibitionist, stat!

98. Chanel-

The receptionist on Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory, Chanel became an Internet celebrity thanks to a two-second shot of her thong. Google her now before she blows up into an IRL star.

97. iJustine-

This super-perky (and smoking) blonde puts every waking moment of her life on the Internet for you to watch. Check out:


Get yourself more of iJustine.

96. Lea Seydoux-

If you’re not a French cineaste, chances are you didn’t recognize this up-and-coming Parisian until she got your heart racing in Robin Hood. If you are a French cineaste, dig her sweet mise-en-scène.

95. Kristin Gustafson-

Chosen by your votes, our 2009 Hometown Hotties champ proves democracy still works. At least when it comes to picking super-sexy ladies…Don’t get us started on tort reform!


See more pics of Kristin Gustafson, and watch her video here.

94. Kelly Ripa-

What makes Live! With Regis and Kelly the right way to start your day? Hearing Reege complain and seeing what low-cut top sassy Kelly is wearing. Reverse those two things and you’ve tuned into a nightmare.

93. Kara DioGuardi-

Our favorite Idol judge has written half the songs on your iPod, bared her bangin’ bikini body on live television, and has the balls to tell Simon Cowell to shut the hell up. Thank you, Kara.


See more Kara DioGuardi, and watch her photo shoot here.

92. Helena Mattsson-

The sultry Swede hit the big time with her role in Iron Man 2. But stardom didn’t go to her head. “I read all my fan mail,” she told us. Plus, she loves to bake “anything sweet.” Perfection, thy name is Helena.


Check out more of Helena Mattsson.

91. Amber Lancaster-

A former Maxim Hometown Hotties finalist and current star of MTV’s raunchy The Hard Times of RJ Berger, this seriously sexy Seattle native is about to become male America’s newest crush.


See more Amber Lancaster, and see her Hometown Hotties video here.

90. Keeley Hazell-

This London-based model has men going so crazy over her ample assets, she’s had her breasts cast in bronze. “I’ve got a pair sitting at home,” she told us, “but one of the nipples always seems to fall off!”


See more Keeley Hazell.

89. Kelly Brook-

Actress, TV host, and, blessedly, lingerie model, the British-born and-bred Ms. Brook has had us under her spell for years with photographs that make us cherish our fully functioning corneas. Hooray for eyesight!


Check out more Kelly Brook.

88. Daniela Ruah-

The sexiest new addition to NCIS: Los Angeles, Daniela is on a first-name basis with LL Cool J, and she knows how to shoot a 9 mm Sig. That might make her the coolest girl we know.


Go through even more Daniela Ruah pics.

87. Chelsea Handler-

She’s hot, funny, and works with a Mexican midget. These are just three reasons we’re in love with this comic. With her talk show renewed through 2012 and three best-selling books, it’s clear the rest of the country is, too.

86. Jessie James-

No, we’re not talking about the “Vanilla Gorilla.” Since dropping her self-titled debut album last year, this country crooner has entertained the troops (with Kid Rock) and tweens (with the Jonas Brothers) alike. Stay tuned for her next album, in the works now!


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85. Kylie Bisutti-

Gentlemen, may we present the winner of the 2009 Victoria’s Secret Model Search. And she’s American! It’s good to know that supermodels come from places that aren’t Brazil.

84. Anna Paquin-

A recently professed bisexual, this Oscar winner is currently engaged to her True Blood costar, Stephen Moyer. We’d do anything to sink our teeth into her, but, alas, we are neither a bi-curious lady nor a vampiric British actor.


See more Anna Paquin.

83. Danielle Panabaker-

We’ve had our eye on this sizzling starlet since we saw her screaming her lungs out in two of the hottest recent horror remakes: Friday the 13th and The Crazies. Evidently, so did fright guru John Carpenter, who cast the beauty in his new fall flick, The Ward.


Check more Danielle Panabaker.

82. Stacy Keibler-

She wowed us during her WWE years and had us tuning in to Dancing With the Stars. Now she’s taking over screens big and small with the indie flick Dysfunctional Friends and a Funeral and recent appearances on How I Met Your Mother and Psych.


See more Stacy Keibler.

81. Navi Rawat-

This SoCal stunner, who already makes our brains spin as a math professor on Numb3rs, also recently appeared on the twisted FlashForward. We can’t wait to see what’s next for this mind-bending beauty.


Get more Navi Rawat.

80. Maria Menounos-

She may be the one asking the questions, but the truth is it’s pretty hard to take our eyes off this sexy Access Hollywood correspondent. Come to think of it, didn’t she score the first Obama family interview…?


Check out more Maria Menounos.

79. Rebecca Mader-

In Season 5 of Lost, something inexplicable happened: The stupid producers decided to kill off Charlotte, robbing the island (and our eyes) of the lovely Rebecca. Well, thanks to some magical forces, Charlotte made a surprise return from the dead for the final season. Now if only they’d bring back that polar bear…


See more of Rebecca Mader.

78. Emma Roberts-

Her Aunt Julia may have had her breakout role playing a prostitute, but Emma was last seen as a virgin deciding to wait in this year’s Valentine’s Day. At only 19, she has plenty of time to expand her résumé.


Click for more Emma Roberts.

77. Yvonne Strahovski-

This Aussie got our attention as a sexy CIA agent—and computer nerd’s love interest—on Chuck, showing the world that geek can be chic. Thanks for the confidence boost, Yvonne!


See more Yvonne Strahovski.

76. Kristin Cavallari-

Life can be hard even if you’re rich and beautiful. That’s why we supported Kristin’s move to The Hills last year, and why we stand by her through every sexy catfight.


Check out more Kristin Cavallari.

75. Lily Allen-

This feisty Brit is as famous for her snarky lyrics as she is for her drunken antics (including a bitchfest with Elton John), but we’ll happily be her designated driver any night!

74. Natalie Morales-

Portraying an FBI agent on the new crime series White Collar, Natalie is one of the hottest ladies on cable. Watch her make a splash on the big screen this fall with roles in Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps and Going the Distance.


Check out more Natalie Morales.

73. Zooey Deschanel-

This (500) Days of Summer starlet’s sultry voice, affinity for eyeliner, and ability to portray historical figures in Funny or Die videos make her the indie darling of our hearts.


Click for more Zooey Deschanel.

72. Danneel Harris-

We just can’t get enough of this former Maxim cover girl. Known to most as a One Tree Hill alum, Daneel can be seen next opposite fellow Hot 100 babe Leighton Meester in The Roommate.


See more pics of Danneel Harris, and watch her video.

71. Dawn Olivieri-

This Heroes hottie has appeared everywhere from How I Met Your Mother to True Blood. Up next is the aptly titled Drop Dead Gorgeous.

70. Odette Yustman-

After Cloverfield, we joined the rest of the world wondering who was that sexy brunette. See her next in You Again.


See more Odette Yustman.

69. Monica Keena-

Armed with a killer bod, this gorgeous girl of horror took on evil in Freddy vs. Jason. Smart, sexy, and dangerous!


Click for more Monica Keena.

68. Emmanuelle Chriqui-

She’s Eric’s on-again, off-again girlfriend Sloan on Entourage, best remembered for their on-screen threesome with Malin Akerman. Some tools have all the luck!


Check out more Emmanuelle Chriqui.

67. AnnaLynne McCord-

On the CW’s 90210, Anna-Lynne is so convincing as über-hot and bitchy teen queen Naomi Clark that she makes us wish we went to high school with her, so she could snicker at us with her popular friends and fill us with self-loathing when she saunters by in the cafeteria. Oh, to be young again!


See more AnnaLynne McCord.

66. Peyton List-

She’s gone back in time for Mad Men and into the future on FlashForward, but no matter what decade she’s in, this former ballerina and soap star remains smokin’ hot.


Click for more Peyton List.

65. Christian Serratos-

One of the bevy of beauties produced by the Twilight series, Serratos recently posed nude for PETA. Hey, Christian, did we ever tell you we love seitan?

64. Camilla Bell-

She recently attracted attention for briefly dating a Jonas Brother, but the actress has been on our radar since starring as a prehistoric hottie in the blockbuster 10,000 BC. Fur pelts never looked so sexy!


See more of Camilla Belle.

63. Alessandra Ambrosio-

If fellow Victoria’s Secret model Gisele Bündchen proved anything, it’s that there must be something sexy in the water of Brazil. While her engagement to some fashion dude is heartbreaking, it’s good to know that Alessandra’s hotness remains eternal.


Get more Alessandra Ambrosio.

62. Lyndsy Fonseca-

There’s no question why Lyndsy makes her Hot 100 debut this year: She starred as the object of affection for a pseudo-superhero in KickAss and wore a zebra-striped cat suit in Hot Tub Time Machine!


Check out more of Lyndsy Fonseca.

61. Naya Rivera-

Glee’s superhottie has us singing for joy every time she bounds onto the screen—especially when her lesbian love affair with Britanny is up for discussion. Who says this is a chick show?


Get more pics of Naya Rivera and watch her video.

60. Grace Park-

Here’s an interesting little tidbit of trivia for ya: This Canadian-raised Battlestar Galactica goddess began her sizzling career as a model. We know—shocking, isn’t it?


Fill your Grace Park fix with more photos and her video.

59. Lindsey Vonn-

We sat through hours of curling this winter just to see this sexy alpine skier grab the gold. We’re sure making our Hot 100 must be an equally thrilling accomplishment.


See more of Lindsey Vonn.

58. Erin Andrews-

It’s no surprise that ESPN’s resident hottie has been crowned America’s Sexiest Sportscaster—twice! This spring she stepped out of the sidelines and onto the dance floor on Dancing With the Stars. Anyone up for a rumba?


Check out more Erin Andrews.

57. Gabrielle Union-

It would seem that there’d be no higher peak to climb after booking your first acting gig on Saved by the Bell, but Ms. Union continues to rock us on FlashForward.


See more of Gabrielle Union.

56. Ke$ha-

She describes herself as a “walking good time,” and with her debut album, Animal, topping the charts, pop’s new It girl proves that all that glitters is gold.


Check out more photos of Ke$ha, and watch her video.

55. Tricia Helfer-

Since hanging up her infamous Number Six red dress for good when Battlestar Galactica closed shop, Tricia has been working on several big-screen projects and hosting kitten adoptions. Aw!


Look at more of Tricia Helfer with photos and her video.

54. Britney Spears-

Forgot about her? We didn’t. Forbes magazine ranked her as its 13th most powerful celebrity in 2009. And power = sexy. Pop doesn’t have a king anymore, but it still has a queen.


Focus your eyes on more Britney Spears.

53. Laura Vandervoort -

The Canadian-born cutie flew into our lives playing Supergirl on Smallville, and now we are treated to her portrayal of another out-of-this-world (literally) beauty named Lisa on ABC’s hit V.


See more of Laura Vandervoort.

52. Kristen Bell-

The Veronica Mars cutie has come a long way since her gumshoe days. Catch her as a burlesque dancer later this year in the aptly titled Burlesque.


Get more of Kristen Bell.

51. Moon Bloodgood-

She braved Christian Bale’s tantrums on the set of Terminator Salvation, and now this ass-kicking action babe has five projects in the works. You go, Moon!


Check out more of Moon Bloodgood.

50. Alice Eve-

With her breakout role as the perfect 10 in She’s Out of My League, Alice is the latest British bombshell to land stateside. And what is this Oxford-educated beauty particularly proud of? “My humps!”


See more pics Alice Eve, and watch her cover shoot.

49. Emma Stone-

This Zombieland vixen stole our hearts wielding chain saws and handguns. Catch her next as a promiscuous high schooler playing some naughty mind games in Easy A, in theaters this September.


Get more of Emma Stone.

48. Emmy Rossum-

A classically trained opera singer, Emmy burst onto the big screen as a damsel in distress in The Day After Tomorrow and was most recently seen as the good girl gone bad in last year’s racy Dare. Next up? Dragonball 2: Reborn.


See more of Emmy Rossum.

47. Sofia Vergara-

On the superfunny Modern Family, it is unclear if Sofia’s character, Gloria, is a gold digger or if she is truly in love with Jay (a.k.a. Ed O’Neill, a.k.a. Al Bundy). Our take on the controversy? Who cares—she’s hot!


Check out more Sofia Vergara.

46. Rachel Bilson-

The cute-as-a-button and hot-as-an-oven Rachel Bilson makes us want to abandon everything, cue up some Death Cab for Cutie, write a comic book, and sweep the ex-O.C. stunner off her dainty feet. California, Califorrrrn-ia!


We've got you covered with more Rachel Bilson.

45. Julianne Hough-

Tired of strutting her stuff with random dudes on Dancing With the Stars, the blonde beauty is ready to bring her signature moves to the big screen. Cast in the upcoming Footloose remake, she’s also set to appear in Burlesque this November.


See more of Julianne Hough.

44. Stephanie Pratt-

Ever since she first appeared on The Hills in 2007, there’s been no question who got the good genes in the Pratt family. With plans to launch her own lingerie line, this sexy little sister is striking out on her own.


See more photos of Stephanie Pratt, and see her video.

43. Jordana Brewster-

She’s in talks to reprise her role as Vin Diesel’s sister in the next Fast and Furious flick. We’re ready to renew our lovefest with the Panamanian-born fox. We’re not scared of you, Diesel! (Yes, we are.)


Catch even more of Jordana Brewster with photos and a video.

42. Anna Faris-

This Scary Movie staple made watching parodies fun again. You can catch her in December’s CGI/live-action version of… Yogi Bear or, if you’re not seven, next year’s Young Americans.


Get even more of Anna Faris.

41. Katie Cassidy-

Following dad David into acting, Katie achieved her own TV success (Harper’s Island, Melrose Place) and recently starred as Freddy Krueger’s newest prey in the Nightmare on Elm Street remake.


Get more of Katie Cassidy.

40. Dania Ramirez-

Fatal superpower or not, there’s nothing that could keep us away from this Heroes babe. Catch her this season on Entourage or in Brooklyn to Manhattan, out later this year.


Fill your Dania Ramirez fix with photos and her video.

39. Malin Akerman-

With four movies lined up, Malin adds “talented” and “hardworking” to the Swede stereotypes of blonde, tall, and beautiful.


Check out more Malin Akerman with photos and video.

38. Angelina Jolie-

When she’s not starring in sick action thrillers like next month’s Salt, Angie serves as a UN Goodwill Ambassador. Now you’ll understand why we’ve dubbed her Saint Angelina. You can commence worshiping now!


See more of Angelina Jolie.

37. Joanna Krupa-

“God created the body, and there’s nothing wrong with showing it naked,” this gorgeous model told us. Apart from pleasing the higher powers above, Joanna pleased TV viewers last year by working up a sweat on The Superstars and Dancing With the Stars.


See more pics of Joanna Krupa, and watch her video here.

36. Rachelle Leah-

We watch the UFC for the Octagon Girls as much as for the sweaty mangrappling. And if there’s one ring girl we’d love to submit to, it’s Rachelle. After all, her diet plan includes “Swedish pancakes with butter.” Ah, a lady after our own stomachs.


Check out more of Rachelle Leah.

35. Jennifer Love Hewitt-

We can’t blame you if you still have that poster from high school on the wall. J-Love continues to heat up the small screen on Ghost Whisperer, and she also wrote her first dating guide, The Day I Shot Cupid, which is this week’s pick in our book club.


Filter through more Jennifer Love Hewitt pics, and watch her sexy video.

34. Jessica Alba-

This feisty, Coldplay-loving gal made us laugh getting frisky with penguins in Good Luck Chuck and kept us glued to the screen as a dancer in Sin City. Catch her this winter in Little Fockers.


See more Jessica Alba.

33. January Jones-

Her first L.A. boyfriend may have doubted her acting chops, but, currently starring as the beautiful Betty Draper on the hit Mad Men, January has gleefully proved him wrong. (In your face, Ashton!)


Look at more January Jones.

32. Jessica Biel-

This all-American girl next door jumped from steaming up your living room on 7th Heaven to enjoying her vibrating BlackBerry in Valentine’s Day. Look for her in the A-Team remake, out this month.


See more of Jessica Biel.

31. Taylor Swift-

Pardon us while we light a candle and let Taylor’s country-pop tunes fill the air as we contemplate her beauty and pretend that her lovesick, confessional lyrics were penned for us and not that pretty boy Joe Jonas.


Check out more Taylor Swift.

30. Hayden Panettiere-

After experimenting with her roommate earlier this season on Heroes, Hayden is set to add a new title to her résumé: TV producer. H.M.S. (Harvard Medical School) is in the pilot process for the CW. Let’s just hope she’ll be starring!


Filter through more Hayden Panettiere.

29. Ashley Greene-

What has this bewitching babe learned from playing vampire Alice Cullen in the Twilight series? “Take the best sex you’ve ever had and multiply it by 100, and that’s vampire sex.”


See more of Ashley Greene with photos and her video.

28. Kaley Cuoco-

The Big Bang Theory’s self-proclaimed guy’s girl loves to eat, drink, and play Ping-Pong in skimpy outfits: “I’ve got my boobs hanging out and legs showing. It’s won me a lot of matches.”


Check out more Kaley Cuoco photos, and see her video.

27. Hilary Duff-

Our best excuse for watching Gossip Girl? The casting of curvy ex-Disneyite Hilary! Also catch her as a bankrobbing lassie in the biopic The Story of Bonnie & Clyde.


See more of Hilary Duff.

Eliza Dushku-

They say blondes have more fun. But "they" apparently never met a brunette like this.


Eliza Dushku gallery

Eliza Dushku video

25. Danica Patrick-

Nothing pumps our pedals like a girl who can work a gearbox. Danica’s third-place finish at the 2009 Indy 500 was the best ever for a woman. And she’s attractive, you say? Sorry, we need to go change our oil again.


See more of Danica Patrick.

24. Nicole Scherzinger-

Before waltzing onto Dancing With the Stars, the Pussycat Doll enjoyed a string of top 10 hits with her group and collaborated with some of music’s biggest names.


Check out more Nicole Scherzinger.

23. Arianny Celeste-

This sexy UFC Octagon Girl loves her fans so much, she’s even going to the prom with one of them! Damn it, why didn’t we ask her?


Catch more of Arianny Celeste with photos and her video.

22. Mila Kunis-

Given Mila’s sexy turns in everything from Forgetting Sarah Marshall to The Book of Eli, the fact that the hottest thing out of the Ukraine since Chernobyl is dating Macaulay Culkin makes us want to slap our cheeks like that adorable kid from Home Alone.


Get more Mila Kunis.

21. Milla Jovovich-

When this Ukrainian babe posed for us last year, she gave our readers exactly what they wanted: “I know it’s all about my body.” Milla returns as videogame vixen Alice this fall in Resident Evil: Afterlife.


Check out more Milla Jovovich.

20. Olivia Wilde-

Last year Olivia was simultaneously worshiped as the Hot 100’s No. 1 and the Princess of Sodom in Year One. Now, in addition to obsessing over her on House, M.D., we’re eagerly awaiting her big-screen return in Tron Legacy.

19. Bar Refaeli-

Twenty-five years ago, in the Promised Land, God decided to knock one out of the park. Bar Refaeli, the Israeli supermodel whose piercing eyes and rocking bod have landed her on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s 2009 Swimsuit Issue, got called out this year for dodging her country’s mandatory draft. Just FYI, Bar, in America we’d never risk such a national treasure.


Fill your Bar Refaeli fix with photos and a video.

18. Christina Aguilera-

After a few years lying low, she is hitting the airwaves with a new album, new sound, and the same incredible body.


Check out more Christina Aguilera.

17. Leighton Meester-

As Gossip Girl’s resident mean girl Blair Waldorf, she’s been steaming up the CW since 2007. Leighton becomes a double threat this year with the release of her debut album, Love Is a Drug.


Get more Leighton Meester.

16. Selita Ebanks-

As far as supermodels go, this Victoria’s Secret Angel and Celebrity Apprentice star is tops in our book. It’s a shame she didn’t follow in her father’s police-captain footsteps… We’d let her arrest us any day.


See more Selita Ebanks photos, and watch her video here.

15. Amanda Bynes-

Christopher Walken once told the Nickelodeon princess that she reminded him of a Playboy Bunny he once knew. Indeed, Amanda is all grown up and will be back on the big screen this year in Easy A.


Get even more Amanda Bynes with photos and her video.

14. Scarlett Johansson-

The cuddly costar of Iron Man 2 has signed on to appear in The Avengers. Nerds of the world, rejoice: You have a reason to keep living until the summer of 2012.


Click for even more Scarlett Johansson.

13. Amber Heard-

With five films set to come out this year, Amber has become one of the hottest leading ladies in Hollywood. Her favorite genre? “I love making horror films. Call it lust…I just can’t seem to get enough.”


See more Amber Heard photos, and watch her video here.

12. Audrina Patridge-

When the Cali native isn’t causing drama on The Hills, she’s being hit on by creepy men (not us). “This guy once told me, ‘If you were a door, I would slam you all night long.’ I just laughed it off.”


Check out more Audrina Patridge with photos and her video.

11. Eva Mendes-

She’s been on our list for years, and it doesn’t look like she’s leaving anytime soon. Apart from smoldering up Calvin Klein ads earlier this year, Eva is the lone hottie opposite Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg in August’s The Other Guys.


See more Eva Mendes.

10. Marisa Miller-

All hail the return of the great American supermodel! Marisa’s bragging rights include strutting the catwalk as a Victoria’s Secret Angel, posing topless for an SI Swimsuit Issue cover, and, most importantly, claiming the No. 1 spot on our 2008 Hot 100.


See more of Marisa Miller.

9. Kim Kardashian-

If you’re embarrassed about being caught watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians on E!, here’s a tip: Keep your eyes glued to Kim’s Twitter page, where the recently single reality goddess is known to post sexy bikini shots of herself. Thank you, modern technology!


Get more of Kim Kardashian.

8. Olivia Munn-

The host of G4’s Attack of the Show! is a self-declared nerd who can take apart a PC and put it back together again. She sure doesn’t look like any tech geeks we know (sorry, IT). Check her out now in Iron Man 2 or later this year in Broken Lizard’s Freeloaders.


Check out more pics of Olivia Munn, and watch her Maxim cover shoot.

7. Elisabetta Canalis-

Whether or not she’s still George Clooney’s girlfriend, this bellissima Italian will always have a place in our hearts. Watch her adorably accented American debut this summer on TNT’s Leverage. Prego!


See more of Elisabetta Canalis.

6. Rihanna-

This Barbadian beauty hit a rough patch last year, but after her fourth album, Rated R, went platinum, she proved she can fight back, hard. Please don’t stop the music.


See even more Rihanna.

5. Megan Fox-

To paraphrase Tina Fey, even the thinking man wants to do Megan Fox. A sex symbol for the ages, Megan’s sultry looks hit every red-blooded guy right in the, er, gut. Thankfully, she’s got five films coming up, so get thee to the theater and ogle.


Get more Megan Fox pictures, and check out her Maxim video.

4. Blake Lively-

Gossip Girl’s breakout bombshell was destined for stardom. Born in L.A., she started acting at 11 and grew into the ultimate California girl. Look for her to light up the big screen this year in The Town, and as the Green Lantern’s gal pal in 2011.


See more Blake Lively.

3. Zoe Saldana-

The scorchingly sexy Avatar star had dudes the world over learning to say, “Damn, she’s hot,” in perfect Na’vi. Until the 31-year-old Jersey native fires our nerd-loins again in the upcoming Star Trek sequel, catch her next month in Takers.


Check out more of Zoe Saldana.

2. Brooklyn Decker-

This fiery Victoria’s Secret model makes even our female staff stop and stare. We think it’s time to crown a new world supermodel. Sorry, Gisele! Let’s go, Brooklyn!


See more Brooklyn Decker.

1. Katy Perry-

And so it is written: Katy Perry is the hottest woman alive. Because she’s sexy. Because she’s talented. But more important, because she’s the best friend you suddenly realize you’ve loved your whole life. The rad chick who taught you how to skateboard and whistle and also looks unbelievable in a bikini. Katy was probably always a little cooler but didn’t hold that against you. She took you to the party. And, yeah, she kissed a girl. Money, looks, and luck might get you a date with a No. 4, 39, or 100. A number one? She dates you.


Drool over more of Katy Perry.

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