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100. Melanie Iglesias-

The winner of Maxim’s 2010 Hometown Hotties contest still makes the office swoon every time she walks in. Oh, God, here we go again!

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VIDEO: Watch Melanie Iglesias in action

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99. Candace Bailey-

The Attack of the Show! cohost pushes all the right buttons for the gamer-and-geek crowd.

Heat factor: Her sultry voice has given life to the likes of Barbie and a Jenna Jameson doll on Robot Chicken.

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VIDEO: Watch Candace Bailey in action

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98. Camilla Belle-

Teen girls may envy her for once dating a Jo-Bro, but we’ve had our eye on this half-Brazilian beauty since 10,000 B.C.

Heat factor: She played the young girl in The Lost World: Jurassic Park. Feel creepy yet?

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97. Hope Dworaczyk-

The onetime Playmate of the Year wowed Trump’s wig on this year’s Celeb­rity Apprentice.

Heat factor: She told Maxim her last name rhymes with “Jurassic.” Got it? Good!

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96. Sophie Monk-

The Maxim-approved sexpot made Date Movie and Click way more erotically charged. And here you were thinking it was Fred Willard and Adam Sandler.

Heat factor: She was born in England but raised in Australia. Nice set of citizenships!

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95. Serinda Swan-

Currently starring in Breakout Kings, Serinda has portrayed a sorceress (Smallville), a goddess (The Lightning Thief), and a digital siren (Tron: Legacy). Serinda, want to play D&D with us?

Heat factor: She says she has a crush on Prince William. Blimey!

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94. Alessandra Torresani-

Not that we watched Battlestar Galactica spin-off show Caprica or anything, but we did, coincidentally, make a shrine to Alessandra when it got canceled.

Heat factor: She has a black belt in tae kwon do.

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VIDEO: Watch Alessandra Torresani in Action

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93. Kelli Hutcherson-

The MMA delivers its biggest knockout courtesy of this smokin’-hot Strikeforce ring girl.

Heat factor: With modeling gigs aplenty (think surf shops and energy drinks), this ray of California sunshine is just getting started.

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92. Nicky Whelan-

She popped up in Hall Pass, but those with a thing for Australian soap operas will know her as the insanely hot Pepper Steiger in Oz’s biggest TV export—and starting point for Kylie Minogue—Neighbours.

Heat factor: The bikini was invented specifically for Nicky, a fact so hot it sounds like we just made it up!

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91. Erin Andrews-

Long before she wowed us on Dancing With the Stars (we’re suckers for a mambo), Erin reigned as the best sideline reporter of all time.

Heat factor: A one-two punch of genuine sports smarts and knockout looks? Yes, please!

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90. Lauren Storm-

She took the world by, well, storm after her on-screen ménage à trois in I Love You, Beth Cooper.

Heat factor: Lauren’s back on the big screen this winter in M.U.D. Which is what your name will be if you miss it.

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89. Lyndsy Fonseca-

Who’d believe the babe from Kick-Ass and Nikita started out on The Young and the Restless? We would, because we can Google.

Heat factor: Get your Lyndsy fix when Nikita (hopefully) returns this fall.

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88. Daniela Ruah-

Despite watching every single episode of NCIS: Los Angeles Daniela has ever starred in, we still have no idea what NCIS stands for. It’s almost like we were distracted by something.

Heat factor: She speaks three languages. That’s three more than our copy editor!

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87. Emmanuelle Vaugier-

We can’t prove this sultry French-Canadian was named after the Skinemax babe who helped us through our awkward years. But you can’t prove she wasn’t!

Heat factor: She’s the world’s smokingest FBI agent on Human Target.

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VIDEO: Watch Emmanuelle Vaugier in action

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86. Autumn Reeser-

Thanks to this Entourage alum’s stint as a scientist on No Ordinary Family, the lab coat has never been sexier.

Heat factor: Autumn once revealed that she enjoys scrapbooking. Somehow we’re still turned on.

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VIDEO: Watch Autumn in action

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85. Rachelle Leah-

This UFC knockout may work in an Octagon of horrors, but her endless curves are a circle of perfection. That’s poetry, people.

Heat factor: Follow her on Twitter (@rachelle_leah), where she sometimes posts love poems. Aww.

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VIDEO: Rachelle Leah

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84. Paz de la Huerta-

This feisty New Yorker sprang into the public conscious­ness in Boardwalk Empire, prompting even more trips to the poor man’s Vegas.

Heat factor: See her in Inferno: A Linda Lovelace Story, about the infamous porno flick Deep Throat.

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83. Carly Craig-

Is it wrong that we can’t stop watching the Hall Pass gross-out queen’s impression of Judy Garland having an orgasm on Probably, right?

Heat factor: Her dad was a major leaguer who played with George Brett.

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Carly Craig Sexes It Up

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82. Kelly Kelly-

So nice they named her twice, this WWE Diva is the hottest blonde in the ring since Hulk Hogan.

Heat factor: See her fight dirty on Syfy’s WWE SmackDown.

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81. Gabrielle Union-

Gabrielle Union From Ugly Betty to FlashForward, Gabrielle is always your favorite part of the shows you say your girlfriend makes you watch.

Heat factor: We’re definitely a pro-Union shop.

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80. Danica McKellar-

She was every 12-year-old’s crush as Winnie Cooper on The Wonder Years and grew up to be a math genius.

Heat factor: Her voice can be heard in a ton of cartoons you’re definitely too old to be watching.

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VIDEO: Watch Danica McKellar in action

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79. Mini Anden-

At first we were disappointed that The Mechanic wasn’t about an oil change, but then we saw the exquisite Mini and found the strength to carry on.

Heat factor: Bottoms up! The sultry Swede has a tattoo of fairies on her butt.

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VIDEO: Watch Mini Anden in action

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78. JWOWW-

Only a woman with the word wow in her name could give Jersey Shore a spray-tanned kiss of class.

Heat factor: The Italy season of Jersey Shore begins next month. Mamma mia!

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77. Anna Chapman-

As we all know from watching James Bond movies, there is nothing sexier than a Russian spy. Insert your own “undercover” joke here (and your own “insert” joke, come to think of it).

Heat factor: This is also where we’d make a Cold War joke, if it were still the 1980s.

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76. Diora Baird-

This former Guess girl once again claims a spot on our list of all who are hot, because God blessed us with two fully functional eyes.

Heat factor: Check her out in the thriller Transit and the comedy Last Call, out later this year.

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VIDEO: Watch Diora Baird in action
VIDEO: Diora The Explorer"

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75. Nicki Minaj-

Finally, a rapper who spits sick verses and looks good in spandex.

Heat factor: Nicki was the first lady to make MTV’s “Hottest MCs” list. Hooray for women’s rights!

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74. Laura Vandervoort-

TV nerds forgot all about the new Wonder Woman when Laura reprised her role as Supergirl on Smallville this spring.

Heat factor: Laura was on the cover of the final issue of Stuff magazine. RIP, brother!

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73. Jamie Chung-

She showed off her fighting skills in Sucker Punch and gets punchy as a bride-to-be in The Hangover Part II.

Heat factor: Tough and sexy, Jamie loves doing her own stunts.

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72. Stacy Keibler-

Meet the ultimate former WWE Diva from whom we pray to get a figure-four leg lock nightly.

Heat factor: Roles in TV comedies (hope­fully in short shorts) are on the way.

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VIDEO: Watch Stacy Keibler in action

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71. Taylor Cole-

The Texas stunner kept our hearts racing through the entire season of The Event as a mysterious socialite.

Heat factor: Get a quick Taylor fix by picking up The Green Hornet on DVD.

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70. Arianny Celeste-

This Maxim cover star and UFC Octagon Girl isn’t too high and mighty to attend the prom of a teenage fan or post meat loaf recipes on her Web site. Mail us a slice, Arianny!

Heat factor: Catch her in person as she presides over UFC carnage in an Octagon near you.

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VIDEO: Watch Arianny Celeste in action
Maxim Video Rewind: Arianny Celeste

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69. Emma Watson-

Elfin features and a posh English accent make Emma the cutest witch ever (not that there’s much competition).

Heat factor: Emma casts a “Hotticus” spell in the final Harry Potter movie next month.

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68. Anna Paquin-

The blood and guts are fine and all, but what keeps us tuning in to True Blood is the weekly dose of this cutie’s naughty bits.

Heat factor: Bite into Season 4 this month.

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67. Ciara-

The leggy R&B songstress’ 2010 Basic Instinct put her back at the top of the hot-chicks-who-can-sing heap.

Heat factor: Ciara is rumored to be alley-ooping with Knicks all-star Amar’e Stoudemire.

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66. Aly Michalka-

Star of the CW’s pompom-based miniskirt-fest Hellcats, Aly is hotter than a barbecue in an all-girl sauna.

Heat factor: She’s genetically designed to be a cheerleader—her mom was a Raiderette!

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65. Elisha Cuthbert-

After all these years, 24’s sexy kidnap victim is still on our minds 24-7.

Heat factor: Fortunately, you can see her every week on ABC’s Happy Endings.

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64. Miley Cyrus-

The sweet Kids’ Choice Awards staple has blossomed into an angel-voiced, bong-friendly entertainer we all can enjoy.

Heat factor: This “Party in the U.S.A.” singer is touring overseas this summer, so book a flight to Perth stat!

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63. Ana De La Reguera-

This Nacho Libre and Eastbound & Down star is the dream combo of funny and sexy. Fuxy! Wait…

Heat factor: Have a nerdgasm watching her in next month’s comic book adaptation Cowboys & Aliens.

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62. Whitney Port-

She conquered L.A. (The Hills) and New York (The City), and her bikini-ed trips to the beach have been well-documented by the paparazzi.

Heat factor: Read her book, True Whit, and quote passages back to her when you see her.

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VIDEO: Watch Whitney Port in action

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61. Eva Amurri-

Susan Sarandon’s daughter made a splash in her own right with a memorable role as a stripper on Showtime’s Californication.

Heat factor: Recently engaged, she’s dabbling in producing, but we prefer her in front of the camera. See why?

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VIDEO: Watch Eva Amurri in action

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60. Kelly Brook-

The Brit babe with a bod that deserves its own empire keeps getting hotter. Unlike Britain, where it’s raining.
Heat factor: Watch her in Pi­ranha 3D. Again, and again, and again.

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VIDEO: Watch Kelly Brook in action

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59. Grace Park-

On Hawaii Five-O the former Battlestar Galactica star is the sexiest law enforcer on the island. (Sorry, Dog the Bounty Hunter.)

Heat factor: Her characters on both BSG and Hawaii Five-O were originally played by men. That’s change we can believe in!

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VIDEO: Watch Grace Park in action

VIDEO: Battlestar Babes

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58. Christina Aguilera-

Proving there’s a prize for screwing up the national anthem when you’re this hot, Christina scored a judge spot on The Voice.

Heat factor: Kidding! Her credentials come from being a five-time Grammy winner.

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57. Audrina Patridge-

We couldn’t save her on Dancing With the Stars, but the Hills alum came back with her own reality show, Audrina.

Heat factor: Follow her on Twitter @AudrinaPatridge.

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VIDEO: Watch Audrina Patridge in action
VIDEO: Audrina Patridge: Queen of The Hills

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56. Christina Hendricks-

Christina Hendricks As resident bombshell Joan Harris on Mad Men, busty Christina quickly catapulted to sex symbol status.

Heat factor: Dangerous curves ahead! This September Christina costars in Drive.

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55. Joanna Krupa-

Maxim cover babe Joanna has danced with the stars and driven professional athletes nuts on The Superstars.

Heat factor: Look forward to more eye- popping photo shoots...if there is a God in heaven, that is.

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VIDEO: Watch Joanna Krupa in action

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54. Vanessa Hudgens-

The beauty in Beastly is our favorite foxy Disney alum.

Heat factor: The image of Vanessa blasting dragons with a machine gun in Sucker Punch is burned in our minds.

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53. Ashley Greene-

Move over, Robert Pattinson! Twilight’s hottest vampire is sinking her teeth into a ton of upcoming big roles.

Heat factor: OMG! The hottie is going for laughs alongside Miley Cyrus in LOL.

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VIDEO: Watch Ashley Greene in action

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52. Minka Kelly-

The Cali native has been a sexy cheerleader (Friday Night Lights) and a sexy coed (The Roommate).

Heat factor: You’ll soon see Minka weekly thanks to the Charlie’s Angels reboot.

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51. Nicole Scherzinger-

The ex-Pussycat proved she has moves to spare in her Dancing With the Stars win.

Heat factor: She’s been cast in Men in Black 3. Yes, there will be a Men in Black 3.

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VIDEO: Watch Nicole Scherzinger in action

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50. Selita Ebanks-

This former Victoria’s Secret model, originally from the Cayman Islands, got us to tune in to The Celebrity Apprentice.

Heat factor: Don’t stare too long; your eyes might burst into flames.

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VIDEO: Watch Selita Ebanks in action

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49. Alison Brie-

With her tight sweaters and short skirts, Community’s resident princess is cuter than a basketful of kittens cuddling with a baby penguin.

Heat factor: She’s also on Mad Men, you say? Now, that’s a girl with ambition!

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48. Julianna Hough-

From the ballroom to Burlesque, this country-crooning hottie is quickly becoming a bona fide triple threat.

Heat factor: Hough shakes her “thang” at the multiplex in the upcoming Footloose remake.

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47. Odette Annable-

This former homecoming queen and current TV crush has gone from Cloverfield’s damsel in distress to lock-picking bad girl on Breaking In.

Heat factor: Odette made her film debut as a bratty kid in Kindergarten Cop. And that’s not a ru-mor!

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46. Beau Garrett-

The former Guess girl wowed fanboys with a spandex-happy turn in Tron: Legacy.

Heat factor: Beau adds sexy to the police procedural in Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior.

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45. Emmanuelle Chriqui -

As Sloan on Entourage, this hottie saves us from broverdosing.

Heat factor: She’s continuing her premium cable domination on Showtime’s The Borgias.

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44. Anna Faris-

Whoever said girls can’t be funny never met Anna Faris. And whoever said funny girls can’t be hot definitely never met Anna Faris.

Heat factor: Anna will once again have you guffawing in What’s Your Number?

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43. Naya Rivera-

As resident bad girl and sexy cheerleader Santana on Glee, Naya embodies two of the girls that never gave us the time of day in high school.

Heat factor: Santana and Brittany (Heather Morris) sealed their “besties with benefits” status with a kiss last fall.

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VIDEO: Watch Naya Rivera in action

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42. Emma Stone-

In her breakout role in Superbad, she made taking a head butt look good. Hot, smart, and funny can all come in the same package.

Heat factor: If Emma’s two July rom-coms don’t tickle your funny boner, catch her in 2012’s The Amazing Spider-Man.

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41. Jaimie Alexander-

After this raven-haired babe’s role as the badass goddess Sif in Thor, we’re considering converting to Norse.

Heat factor: Jaimie has revealed that she’s a Michael Bolton fan. Don’t worry, Jaimie, we won’t hold that against you.

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VIDEO: Watch Jaimie Alexander in action

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40. Hilary Duff-

The beauty already boasts an impressive résumé—singer, actress, clothing designer, author—but we still can’t get “enuff” of Duff!

Heat factor: Sexy sister alert! Hilary and her sister, Haylie, have both been Maxim cover girls.

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VIDEO: Watch Hilary Duff photos
VIDEO: Hilary Duff's Cover Shoot

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39. Rebecca Mader-

British, sexy, funny, and sexy, she once lived on an island with smoke monsters. (Did we mention she’s sexy?)

Heat factor: The Lost lovely is now found on No Ordinary Family.

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38. Lindsay Lohan-

What a year it’s been for La Lohan! Whether going to jail or posing for our camera, she looked hot.

Heat factor: Her hometown of Merrick, Long Island also boasts Debbie Gibson as a former resident. Coincidence?

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37. Zoe Saldana-

The Avatar starlet is the only human who could make pointy ears and a tail sexy.

Heat factor: She shoots to kill as an assassin in Columbiana and returns in the Star Trek sequel.

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36. Brooklyn Decker-

The all-American stunner went from modeling to moviemaking with her film debut in Just Go With It.

Heat factor: See her next in the board game adaptation (!) Battleship.

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35. Kim Kardashian-

More than 6.7 million Twitter followers can’t be wrong, can they?

Heat factor: The reigning queen of reality television regularly hocks perfumes and other stuff you won’t buy in ads you won’t mind watching.

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34. Avril Lavigne-

Three Maxim covers and four albums later, the sassy songstress remains the punk princess of pop.
Heat factor: Look out for some summer tour dates, sk8er boi!

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Check out even more Avril Lavigne photos
VIDEO: Watch Avril Lavigne in action

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33. Dania Ramirez-

This Maxim cover girl clearly has a thing for short, stout guys: She played A.J.’s girlfriend on The Sopranos and Turtle’s beloved on Entourage.

Heat factor: Sexy sister alert, part two! Her sister Denise is also an actress.

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VIDEO: Watch Dania Ramirez in action
VIDEO: Our Hero: Dania Ramirez

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32. Emmy Rossum-

The classically trained singer stars on Showtime’s Shameless as the daughter of alcoholic William H. Macy.

Heat factor: This N.Y.C. native launched her acting career in the film version of The Phantom of the Opera.

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31. Evan Rachel Wood-

A respected actress who’s also hot and was once engaged to Marilyn Manson? We’re intrigued, aroused, and weirded out all at the same time!

Heat factor: No reason to beware The Ides of March…her new movie, that is.

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30. Amanda Bynes-

When the leggy Cali girl announced her retirement at age 24, we thought we’d lost our favorite Nickelodeon vet. Luck­ily, Amanda had second thoughts.

Heat factor: Her steady stream of sexy tweets will keep your iPhone humming.

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VIDEO: Watch Amanda Bynes in action

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29. Sofía Vergara-

We love the feisty Modern Family sexpot for her Golden Globes. What? She was nominated!

Heat factor: You’ll be blue if you miss her as Odile in the Smurfs movie.

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Check out even more Sofia Vergara photos

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28. Lea Michele-

She sings, she dances, she enjoys the company of nerds (or at least pretends to). Princess Lea, we bow down to you!

Heat factor: Don’t front. We know you’ll be watching Lea on Season 3 of Glee.

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27. Michelle Trachtenberg-

Girl-next-door sexiness and impeccable geek credentials (Robot Chicken, anyone?) make this Maxim cover girl the pinup of choice for fanboys everywhere.

Heat factor: Grab Take Me Home Tonight on DVD to see her as a hot goth

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VIDEO: Watch Michelle Trachtenberg in action

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26. Kate Middleton-

Kate Middleton She sounds like Mary Poppins, looks good in a hat, and married a guy who looks like a horse suffering from mange.

Heat factor: Likes to go yachting in bikinis.

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25. Britney Spears-

Britney Spears Her new album, Femme Fatale, marks her return to form…in more ways than one.

Heat factor: Follow her on Twitter @britneyspears and read red-hot notes to and from the likes of Rihanna.

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24. Sarah Shahi-

For three seasons on The L Word, she showed America how beautiful same-sex unions can be.

Heat factor: Sarah has more hot and heavy gavel-banging action as Kate on Fairly Legal.

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VIDEO: Watch Sarah Shahi in action

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23. Brittany Snow-

With her big ol’ baby blues, she may look innocent, but the Maxim cover girl is a rock’n’roll chick at heart.

Heat factor: Brittany makes jurisprudence hot again on NBC’s Harry’s Law.

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22. Rihanna-

She’s hot, she’s talented, and she’s generous with her umbrella space. That’s a win-win-win situation!

Heat factor: Wikipedia says she’s won 94 awards out of 185 nominations. What, you want more, Mr. Greedy?

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21. Jessica Alba -

She has a tough side (see last year’s Machete) as well as a spectacular side (see Machete’s shower scene).

Heat factor: Jessica reunites with Robert Rodriguez and Danny Trejo this summer…in Spy Kids 4. Damn.

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20. Taylor Swift-

Confession: We’re afraid to write anything too racy here for fear the siren will sing about it on her next album.

Heat factor: Put on a fake mustache and catch Taylor on her world tour.

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19. Anna Kournikova-

Put simply, she’s the reason fuzzy balls are happy to be alive.

Heat factor: Anna came out of retirement and is now a force in doubles tennis. Praise the Lord! She has also lit up Maxim World with four crazy-hot cover shoots. Hey, Anna, we hear the fifth time is the charm.

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VIDEO: Watch Anna Kournikova in action

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18. Eva Mendes-

Movies, music videos, Web clips on Funny or Die…Is there anything the sexy L.A. native can’t do? (That is, besides show up at our house wearing a Gummy Bear costume.)

Heat factor: Rumor has it Eva will appear in the upcoming Total Recall remake. Here’s hoping her role involves a bonus body part!

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Check out even more Eva Mendes photos

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17. Megan Fox-

We know she’s beautiful, but did you know that Megan Fox also had a music career in the ’80s singing “Naughty Girls (Need Love Too)”?

Heat factor: Wait. That was Samantha Fox.

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VIDEO: Watch Megan Fox in action

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16. Leighton Meester-

She may have to scheme to get to the upper echelons of society on Gossip Girl, but Leighton easily floats to the top of our list.

Heat factor: She also has a music career!

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15. Olivia Wilde-

We wouldn’t mind being trapped in a computer Tron-style if the newly single Olivia were there to keep our space bar company.

Heat factor: If you like cowboys and/or aliens, don’t miss this former Hot 100 No. 1 in Cowboys & Aliens!

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VIDEO: Olivia Wilde

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14. Scarlett Johansson-

WTF, Ryan Reynolds? The only way we’d divorce the world’s hottest woman (OK, 14th hottest) is...Sorry, coming up blank.

Heat factor: She’ll reprise her role as the Black Widow in The Avengers in 2012.

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13. Kaley Cuoco-

She spends her days in a geek sandwich on The Big Bang Theory, but Kaley took time out to rock our cover last year.

Heat factor: “I have a dirty sense of humor,” she told us.

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VIDEO: Watch Kaley Cuoco in action

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12. January Jones-

The Mad Men star makes us pine for a time when men were men and women were roast-beef-cooking slaves. (Kidding!)

Heat factor: See her now in X-Men: First Class.

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11. Jordana Brewster-

Evidence that we are staunch supporters of brains and beauty, the Fast Five stunner was our first Ivy League cover girl.

Heat factor: Jordana’s sexy genes come from her Sports Illustrated–model mom.

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VIDEO: Jordana Brewster's May 2009 Cover Shoot
VIDEO: Watch Jordana Brewster in action

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10. Jennifer Lawrence-

For her Oscar-nominated role in last year’s Winter’s Bone, this perfectly made 20-year-old learned to skin and gut a squirrel. But the self- described tomboy didn’t mind, claiming she went through an outdoorsy “wood-chopping phase” as a child in her native Hollywood. The heart of a guy’s girl in the body of a girly girl? Yup, that’s more than enough reason to justify her straight-out-of-nowhere jump to the top 10 and her imminent Hollywood takeover.

Heat factor: In X-Men: First Class she’s the one who’s blue. And topless. (But, curses, covered with scales!)

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9. Cobie Smulders-

For the past five years, the Canadian cutie has had us laughing our pants off as ex-teen pop star Robin on How I Met Your Mother. Last Christmas our contributions to the Nielsen ratings paid off when Cobie rewarded us with the greatest gift of all: stripping down for our December cover. “I’m hoping to start a lesbian relationship with Lily on the show,” she told us. Yup, that’s enough to keep our interest for another few years.

Heat factor: The former model was recently cast as catsuit-clad Maria Hill in The Avengers. Fanboys, let your obsessing begin!

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8. Natalie Portman-

She was a hot queen in Star Wars, a hot ballerina in Black Swan, and a hot scientist in Thor. Just when you thought there were no hot stereotypes left for her to take on, she becomes a hot mom. If we’d known that the newly crowned Oscar winner would end up with a ballet dancer, we would’ve seriously reevaluated our high school extracurricular activities.

Heat factor: Step 1: Rent Your Highness. Step 2: Find scene of Natalie in a metal thong. Step 3: Press pause and praise God.

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7. Anne Hathaway-

If anyone deserves a spot on the upper echelons of this list, it’s Anne, who’s made escorting our girlfriends to chick flicks almost bearable for an entire decade. The New York native has starred in countless blockbuster flicks (sometimes topless!), voiced cartoon characters (“Hot Blonde” on Family Guy!), and single-handedly hosted the Oscars this year (thanks for nothing, Franco!).

Heat factor: Let’s hope the world doesn’t end in 2012, because that’s when Anne is set to take on the role of Catwoman in Christopher Nolan’s next Batman installment. Can you hear us purring?

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6. Bar Refaeli-

The Israeli supermodel and June birthday girl recently picked up her first film role in the thriller Session, playing a psych patient whose doctor becomes obsessed with her (we see where you’re coming from, doc). However, here’s hoping that her future big-screen roles will require a wardrobe she’s more familiar with: bikinis…and maybe some body paint.

Heat factor: Bar will continue cru­sad­ing for environmental awareness… while, ironically, raising the temperature wherever she goes.

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5. Mila Kunis-

Who’d have guessed that she’d grow up to be the hottest former cast member of That ’70s Show? (Sorry, Ashton, but it’s true.) After kicking ass in The Book of Eli, Mila literally danced her way into our hearts as Black Swan’s badass ballerina. We went to see it five times. The Natalie-Mila sex scene was fine, but, man, are we suckers for a good plié.

Heat factor: Need another reason to hate Justin Timberlake? He got to see her naked while filming next month’s Friends With Benefits.

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4. Cameron Diaz-

From the moment she, um, styled her hair in There’s Something About Mary, we knew Cammie was the girl for us. A French fry-eating, big-wave-surfing former model who’s done her fair share of serious ass kicking and bootie shaking on film, she’s almost too good to be true. Thankfully, she’s real. It would totally trip us out if the lady we’ve been crushing on for more than a decade didn’t exist.

Heat factor: Cameron is back just the way we like her, starring in the raunchy comedy Bad Teacher.

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3. Katy Perry-

How has the past year been for our 2010 No. 1? "Really difficult, because I have to be pretty every single day!" It sure is nice to see the California Gurl has remained as humble as she is hot since she first caught our attention by kissing girls and shooting whipped cream and fireworks from her, er, heart.

Heat factor: This summer she voices red-hot, blue-bodied Smurfette. We’d like to smurf that!

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2. Olivia Munn-

This has been a big year for Miss Munn: The Attack of the Show! geek turned into a satire goddess on The Daily Show and jumped to her highest Hot 100 position yet. With her second Maxim cover this February, Olivia told us, “I wanted to show something different: that you can be sexy and smart and a 2011 woman.” It’s true: Skewering those fat cats in Washington has never been sexier.

Heat factor: Olivia cannot be contained on the small screen—watch out for her in the upcoming comedy Freeloaders.

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1. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley-

All hail Maxim’s new queen! When we first heard rumblings of a Megan Fox replacement in Transformers: Dark of the Moon, we wept into our Optimus Prime pillows for weeks. As it turns out, director Michael Bay found someone even foxier. Making her Hot 100 debut at the No. 1 spot and scoring her first big screen role in the next Transformers, please give a warm, not-creepy welcome to supermodel and all-around British bombshell Rosie Huntington-Whiteley!

Heat factor: Forget the Hells Angels …Rosie earned the world’s most prestigious set of wings courtesy of Victoria’s Secret in 2009.

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