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How To Make a Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwich

Adam Richman, the Earl of Sandwiches, on how to make the ultimate day-after-Thanksgiving stack o’ leftovers.

Photographed for Maxim by Charles Masters


1. The Bottom Bread
Start with grilled challah egg bread. Brush that with really good quality salted Kerrygold Irish Butter and grill it so it turns that awesome shade of goldeny toasted whatever.

2. Sauce No. 1
On the very bottom spread the layer of cranberry sauce, ideally fresh, though the canned gelatinous cylinder kind is completely acceptable.
3. Meat No. 1 
Stack thick layers of turkey breast.
4. Sauce No. 2
Do a thin spread of Hellmann’s Light mayo dusted with a pinch each of garlic powder and fresh cracked pepper.
5. The Vegetables
To offset the mayo, add sliced white onions and a layer of mashed candied sweet potatoes, with finely crushed walnuts on top.

6. Meat No. 2
Pile on the dark meat from the legs and thighs.
7. Thanksgiving Bonus Ingredient
Take some stuffing, place it in a pan, and crisp up the edges until you have a kind of stuffing pancake that could go the length of the sandwich. Put it in!

8. Sauce No. 3
Drizzle the whole thing with gravy.
9. The Top Bread
Put the other half of the challah on top.
Bite in and…give thanks that you have indoor plumbing.

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