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How To Party In Space

O.G. moonwalker Buzz Aldrin and the Axe Apollo Space Academy are sending lucky guys into space. Here’s how to live it up if you go way out.

1. Bring Some Snacks
“During an hour-long suborbital flight, you won’t have time for a meal. It’s just you and the pilot, so bring snacks like M&M’s that you can play with. But during the cruise back to landing, go for some coconut ice cream. That would be my favorite.”

Have Some Bubbly
“Cocktails are tricky since you have to mix the fluids, which would form into spheres and float away. But you can follow them and try to catch them in your mouth, like whale sharks do. (I’m familiar with them because I hitched a ride on one.)” 

3. Invite the Stars
“From all the celebrities I’ve worked with, my season of Dancing With the Stars had a few ladies I’d want to bring along. Erin Andrews is great, but the one that really comes to mind is Pamela Anderson. She would be an interesting partner in space.”

Don’t Try Dancing
“There’s no way you can actually moonwalk in space. All you can do in zero gravity is flail your legs around, and trust me, even flippers won’t help. The only way you could create a dance floor is if everyone was tied down with tethers.”

Skip the Bathroom

“The ‘toilet’ on spacecraft is a collection de­vice with an overboard dump. When any fluid reaches the vacuum, it freezes into flakes, which are then let go into orbit. But on a short flight like the XCOR Lynx spaceship, you’ll probably do with Depends.”

6. …And the Games

"Firecrackers wouldn’t be approved on board since you don’t want anything igniting. Dunking for apples is popular on Halloween, but that could turn into a big mess in space.”

Go to for a chance to get spacey.

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