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How To Spot a UFO

Kieran Dickson of UFO-hunting web site has some tips for having your own close encounter (no flying bicycles required!).

Find Their Hangouts
“The Southwest has been a hot spot for sightings since the 1940s. A ton of UFOs are reported in Tex­as, which makes sense, since it’s big and remote, and I think people get a bit lonely out there. Generally, though, folks tend to see UFOs when they’re out fishing or hiking and relatively isolated.”

Keep Rolling
“If you’re in an area where you suspect UFO activity, set up a time-lapse cam­era. Russell Crowe was actually using one to film fruit bats at his place in Australia and noticed that a strange object kept appearing in the sky, so he posted it on Twitter to see if there could be an explanation.”

Watch Their Moves
“People rarely report seeing vivid colors. It’s usually a bright white light or something that has an orange glow. To us the most interesting sightings are of objects moving erratically at a speed that a plane or helicopter can’t move. The zigzagging ones are what really freak people out.” 

Get Witnesses
“One guy in the swamps doesn’t have much credibility. But in cases like the Phoenix Lights or the 1952 Washington, D.C. incident when multiple people, including military personnel and pilots, reported seeing the same things from across the city, those can launch an investigation.”

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