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How To Train Like Pacquiao

Freddie Roach, the man behind Manny’s punch, tells you how to get in fighting shape.


Road Work
At 6 a.m. on sparring days, Manny runs three miles on flat ground at five minutes a mile. On nonsparring days, he runs the hills, about eight miles.

Core Strength
Next Manny does 1,000 sit-ups in four to six different styles: crunches, full sit-ups, sit-ups with his legs in the air, etc.

Shadow Boxing
Before we get in the ring to start sparring, Manny will shadow-box. It’s just him facing the mirror, throwing combinations, and getting warmed up.

At the start of camp, he’ll go four rounds with one partner, and by the end we’re at 12 rounds with four different partners. 

Bag Work
We do four rounds on the heavy bag, three rounds on the double-end bag, then 10 minutes on the speed bag.

After the bag work, he’ll jump rope, cool down, then shadow-box some more to work on his footwork.

Core Strength
After all that Manny will repeat the ab workout: 1,000 sit-ups. Of course, if you’re doing this at home, you may want to cut back a bit.

Catch Manny vs. Juan Manuel Márquez December 8. Drink in Freddie Roach in the new Jägermeister ad campaign.

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