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How To Train Like Von Miller

NFL linebackers need serious strength and power (not to mention a good hug every now and then). Trainer Ken Vick, who’s also worked with the L.A. Kings, gives you the key moves from Miller’s strength-training regimen to add to your weekly routine. Time to crush!

Photo by Eric Williams

Add these to your chest-shoulder routine.
Hang Power Clean 
Start out holding the bar in front of your quads. Using your legs and hips, jump the weight to your shoulders. Do five sets of three reps at 80 percent of your maximum load.
Dumbbell Bench Press 
Lie down on a bench with your feet touching the ground. Position the dumbbells at either side of your chest, with your arms bent. Focus on keeping your shoulder blades back and down for a slow, controlled movement. Do five sets of five reps at your max weight.

Day 2 
Add these to your squat and ab routines.
Bulgarian Split Squat
Stand a few feet in front of a bench. Lift one leg behind you so your toes are on the bench. Lower your body as if you were doing a regular squat, and make sure to keep your heel flat. Do five sets of five reps for each leg.
Front Plank
Lie on your stomach with your arms tucked at your sides. Keep your legs straight and tuck in your toes. With palms down and your core rigid, lift your torso and thighs up. Face the floor and hold for 30 seconds. Do four sets. 

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