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Man Skills

Disclaimer: Learning these skills in no way guarantees that other people will think of you as “a man.”

Peter Davenport, Second-Degree black belt in tae kwon do and owner of Michigan’s Core Fitness Martial Arts, explains how to bust a brick. Wahh!

Step 1
“Before attempting this, try the technique with wooden boards first. When ready, balance a cinder slab one to two inches thick on two cinder blocks. Visualize yourself breaking the brick: Your confidence here is vital.”

Step 2
“If you’re right-handed, stand with your left leg forward, bent at the knee, your right leg behind you. Raise your hand to midchest: You’ll be striking down with the heel of your palm to a point half a foot below the brick.”

Step 3
“When striking, swivel from the hip, turning your right shoulder toward your left knee. Take a few slow-motion practice strikes, ending with your palm on the brick and your arm still slightly bent.”

Step 4
“Breathe in as you draw your hand back, then strike down with a loud yell. Make sure you follow through or the brick won’t break: Your strike should end below the level of the brick, with your arm perfectly straight.”