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Maxim Military


Welcome to Maxim's mess hall, where we're serving up the finest in military graffiti, tattoos, camouflage gear, soldier armor, weapons, girls with guns, and more fun stuff than you could hit at close quarters with an M67. At ease!


Military Graffiti Slideshow


Fake Military Titles


Soldier of Tomorrow: Armor and Weapons

VIDEO: Girls with Guns



VIDEO: Tear Gassed!


Awesome Camouflage Gadgets

Best Military Games of All Time

Military Tattoos Slideshow



Maxim Military Pinup Girls


April Rose Saves the World, One Bikini at a Time


Kaitlynn Storms the Beach Topless


Amanda Gets Wet for the Military


Maximum Warrior Competition: Week 6

Tune in each week as Warriors and Civilians put their skills to the test against each other in the one-of-a-kind, Maximum Warrior challenge. This Week: Combat Pistol.


VIDEO: Medal of Honor Marine Dakota Meyer


Enter to Win!

We're giving away a 2012 Jeep Wrangler Call of Duty: MW3 Edition Vehicle.


Melanie's Sexy Romp for the Military



Special Military Issue On Newsstands Now! Pick 1 of 2 smokin' covers! Get a sneak peak of our Maxim Military Pinup Girls here!