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Charlie's Angels

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Star Rating: 
6 out of 10
The remake of Charlie’s Angels is a surprisingly fun, lightweight romp. At times it seems like a MadTV parody of the original show rather than a big screen homage, but it’s this approach that actually makes it watchable. Oh, and the fact that there’s more ass shots here than an entire issue of Bunz magazine. Charlie’s Angels is marketed as a chick flick, but since when do women get off on watching Cameron Diaz booty-dancing in Spider-Man Underoos? (In fact, we think her ass got fourth billing in the opening credits). That’s right, this one’s definitely got more for the fellas.

Though playing tough-gal Dylan, Drew Barrymore struts and fusses like a pajama party host; Cameron, as ditzy Natalie, is all giggles and tits until she breaks out the kung fu; and Lucy Liu is hands down the most asskickingest Angel of the bunch as graceful Alex. Look out, of course, for comedic God Bill Murray, playing Bosley. Murray doesn’t even have to try to be funny anymore—he just is.

Oh, there’s still lameness aplenty, including a soundtrack made up almost entirely of songs with “Angel” in the title and an appearance by Tom Green that actually manages to dumb down already nonchallenging “intellectual” property, but this flick laughs at itself and has scantily clad women dancing, flipping, and kicking all over the place. Prepare yourself for a flashy confection devoid of substance, but overflowing with mindless entertainment. Ahhhh…