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Coyote Ugly

Release Date: 
Star Rating: 
6 out of 10
Coyote Ugly could be the best bad movie since Showgirls. The story’s lame and the acting’s marginal, but the gorgeous women make the whole trip worthwhile.

Piper Perabo, who looks like a young Julia Roberts (toothy grin, and all!), is a songwriter who makes the 20-minute trek from her sheltered life in Jersey in search of success in New York City. She meets a guy, has hard times and…oh, who gives a crap? Every time the movie ventures outside the titular establishment and its bar-dancing beauties, the unintentional laughs are fast and furious.

Inside the bar, though, it’s a different story. If you thought these babes were hot on the pages of Maxim, you’ve got to see them in action—especially Russian minx Izabella Miko, feisty hellraiser Bridget Moynahan, and big boss lady Maria Bello. We only wish ultra-luscious Tyra Banks had been given more screen time. These characters are so sexy and wild that we wanted to jump into the screen and party with ’em. (We tried, but the ushers wrestled us back into our seats.) Aside from the bar scenes, John Goodman’s “acting” is the film’s only saving grace. Goodman delivers some great one liners and is basically a likable presence whenever he’s onscreen. (Of the entire cast, he also has the biggest hooters.)

Trust us when we say Coyote Ugly has some laughably bad scenes: The highlight being when Perabo halts a bar riot by lip-synching a Blondie song. (Why didn’t the LAPD think of this?) But given the talent behind the bar, we weren’t complaining.