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5 out of 10
Imagine the sum of all a Fox studio execs’ worst fears realized—Ben Affleck single-handedly taking a biochemical dump on an otherwise promising franchise—and you have Daredevil, latest in the comics-to-cameras movement. On the other hand, the rest of the cast does its damnedest to make this work, compensating in part for Affleck’s hopeless exhibition—and we’re off on the high road to mediocrity! Colin Farrell stereotypes his way through Bullseye, throwing around limey zingers and projectile paper clips with equal zeal. Michael Clarke Duncan’s Kingpin runs the villainous underground crime syndicate while huffing on cigars and acting, well, very big. John Favreau, reprising his Swingers role, cluelessly tosses one-liners about Daredevil back and forth with his blind buddy, unaware of his friend’s superhero status. Even the action was perfectly middle-of-the-road—though no complaints here about Elektra’s (Jennifer Garner) constant battle to remain inside her taut leather crime-fighter’s corset. But, ultimately, it all comes back to Affleck, who couldn’t act like a blind person with a mask covering his eyes and face. Here’s to hoping the sequel shifts the focus away from his character.