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Femme Fatale

Release Date: 
Star Rating: 
3 out of 10
Yes, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos grins and bears it all in Femme Fatale. She also gyrates down to her Victoria’s Secrets in a drool-inducing striptease. She even gets it on with another hot model chick…and then there’s the rest of the movie.

Leggy jewel thief Laure Ash (Romijn-Stamos) has successfully slipped into a new life, until paparazzi photographer Nicolas (Antonio Banderas) exposes her to the public for the first time in seven years. Now Laure’s hiding out from the prowling vengeance of everyone she ripped off in her last heist. Director Brian De Palma (Scarface, Mission: Impossible) masks the nonexistent story behind long, sweeping shots of his actors pouting around scenic locations in Paris. Romijn-Stamos is a hard sell as a badass chick who screws over—and just plain screws—anyone in her way, and Banderas gives his usual twitchy performance. If you want to catch the occasional glimpse of gorgeous Romijn-Stamos nekkid, be prepared to stave off sleep for the rest of this flick. You might prefer looking at some of her hotter modeling pictures, like here…or here…or here.