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With Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland opening this weekend, here are the sexiest storybook characters come to life. And that's no make-believe.

Claire Danes ("Stardust")-

It's fitting that Claire played a star in this 2007 fantasy film (based on a novel we haven't read), as she looks hot as hell throughout. She's worth suffering through all of the lovey-dovey, typical fairy tale mush, even with Robert De Niro dressed as a cross-dressing pirate not helping matters any.


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Bridget Fonda ("Snow Queen")-

Chances are you had no idea this 2002 made-for-TV film even existed (unless you happen to watch the Hallmark Channel, in this case a good thing), but the always easy-on-the-eyes Bridget makes a pretty convincing power-hoarding, pain-in-the-ass ruler who we'd love to hook up with. We can't vouch for that weave, sadly.


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Drew Barrymore ("Ever After")-

Drew went the Cinderella route in this 1998 flick, following up her cutie-pie turn in The Wedding Singer with this timeless tale that bizarrely incorporated Leonardo Da Vinci as a supporting character. Of course, the drab Drew at the beginning cleans up pretty well for her charming suitor. "Slipper" the tongue!


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Julia Roberts ("Hook")-

By far, the only thing watchable in Steven Spielberg's take on Peter Pan was a short-haired Julia wearing the equivalent of a potato sack. (At least she still had that "unbeatable smile"...and acted opposite a giant ear of corn.) Just close your eyes during the scene where she plants one on Robin Williams.


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This weird-looking chick ("Labyrinth")-

Sorry, Jennifer Connelly; you were simply outclassed.


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Sara Paxton ("Aquamarine")-

Despite the whole "fish parts downstairs" thing, mermaids are awesome. You'd be hard-pressed to find a dude who's willing to change the channel if Splash or even The Little Mermaid comes on, and Sara did her sisters proud as an affable sea babe looking for love on two legs. (Or three, as it were.)


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Amy Adams ("Enchanted")-

We may have been dragged to a screening by a wife or girlfriend, but our complaining ceased once Amy appeared on screen as a feisty princess with milky white skin. Plus, anyone whose singing causes the cockroaches in our apartment to stop scurrying and clean the place up instead has got to be a keeper.


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Monica Bellucci ("The Brothers Grimm")-

"Evil queen struck by the bubonic plague" doesn't exactly cause a stirring in our loins, but scoping out black magic woman Monica as the Grimm Boys' nemesis certainly helps matters. (We know the hotness only applies to her mirror reflection in the flick, but we'll take it.)


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Angelina Jolie ("Beowulf")-

The hottest animated babe since Jessica Rabbit, Angie as Grendel's mom could also easily top a list of monstrous MILFs. And wouldn't you know it, this cave-dwelling water demon just happens to be single, to boot! But watch out...she has Crispin Glover/dragon babies.


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Alice ("Don't Come Around Here No More" video)-

No offense to incoming Alice Mia Wasikowska, but the hottest lady to ever take a plunge down a rabbit hole was actress Wish Foley. Looking absolutely terrified for the duration of Tom Petty's "Don't Come Around Here No More" video, she still had us hoping for a very important date, indeed.


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Anne Hathaway ("Ella Enchanted")-

Forget the ridiculous-even-by-tween-movie-standards plot, goofy talking snake and Elton John musical number, and focus on the positive aspects: namely, doe-eyed beauty Anne Hathaway. (Vivica A. Fox, Minnie Driver and Heidi Klum were along for the ride, too.)


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Robin Wright ("The Princess Bride")-

A pre-Penn Wright may have started out this movie as an uppity nag (sheesh lady, leave the farm boy alone already), but we can see why Wesley braved so many obstacles to return to Buttercup's side. She was so hot, he even squared off against Andre the Giant, for God's sake. Inconceivable!


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Amanda Bynes ("Sydney White">)-

Know what the story of Snow White really needed? A modern-day retelling, of course. Maybe that last statement's debatable, but at least this "high concept" gave us a grown-up-nicely Amanda Bynes, who goes off to college and befriends "the seven dorks." Better her than us.


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Mia Sara ("Legend")-

Before she was Sloane Peterson, a girl so hot you'd make up a story about a dead grandmother in order to spend a day with her, she was Lili, a girl so hot you'd pretend to be interested in unicorns and dive off cliffs for. Hell, even going toe to toe with the Lord of Darkness ain't no thang when more time to hang with this princess is the end result.


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Rebecca De Mornay ("Beauty and the Beast")-

No knock against Linda Hamilton, but when it comes to actresses playing Beauty opposite a lumbering Beast, we'll stick with the "once played a hot prostitute" variety. Judging by some of the clunky musical numbers in this 1987 adaptation, De Mornay's business was still plenty risky, though.


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Uma Thurman ("The Adventures of Baron Munchausen")-

While we may not be able to show a full pic of then-barely-legal Uma's brief nude scene from this flick, we recommend revisiting Terry Gilliam's fantastical head-trip for her all-too-brief role as the goddess Venus. You won't know what's going on, but at least the scenery's fun to look at.


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