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Hammer Time! Thor Throws Down in New Trailer

Hemsworth, Portman, and all the rest are back in Marvel's latest, Thor: The Dark World.

Marvel has done a helluva job in the last few years translating some of their most iconic titles to the screen, and keeping us hooked to see what goes down. Iron Man begat Thor which begat Captain America which begat The Avengers which begat the new Iron Man, and on and on. It's positively biblical. And just in time for Tony Stark to once again conquer the box office (Iron Man 3 is out next week) comes the trailer for Thor: The Dark World, due in theaters November 8. So what can we expect? The first Thor was a surprisingly refreshing romp, with Chris Hemsworth's take on the Norse God of Thunder hilarious in its earnestness, and Tom Hiddleston's Loki a cheeky, almost lovable villain. Throw in Natalie Portman and Kat Dennings as eye candy, and you had a surefire hit. Well, minus Thor director Kenneth Branagh, who sat this one out, the ingredients are all in place. Now, the question of why Thor can't convince the rest of his Avengers mates to help him out when shit hits the fan is one we'll have to wait til November to answer. Watch the trailer below.

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