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May we please see them slip on their stockings with care?

Rachel McAdams & Lindsay Lohan (<i>Mean Girls</i>)- Maybe we're sick and/or going to hell for referring to an underage Lindsay Lohan as sexy...but c'mon, look at that outfit! She wasn't going to church dressed like that. And if it makes you feel any better, you can scope out the very much of-age Rachel McAdams. We feel much better.

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Michelle Monaghan (<i>Kiss Kiss Bang Bang</i>)-

It's fitting that Michelle's Kiss Kiss character is named Harmony Lane, as the world seems like a much more harmonious place when looking at this photo. Of course, if Santa's aware of the thoughts we're having while checking out Michelle's curves in this festive attire, he's gonna spit on that lump of coal before leaving it in our stocking.


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Zooey Deschanel (<i>Elf</i>)-

The girl who was so hot she made Will Ferrell even stupider in Elf may not be decked out in Claus clothes per se, but we're letting that slide since she came close to baring all for that singalong shower scene. Zooey's department-store lingering also had millions of men rethinking their stance on never working retail again.


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Elizabeth Banks (<i>Fred Claus</i>)-

Aside from one really weird scene where Santa's helper Charlene makes out with an elf-sized John Michael Higgins (she could swallow his face, people), every scene featuring Elizabeth and her cleavage makes Fred Claus go down a lot easier. Why did Mrs. Claus let this particular hire slide, we wonder...


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Jenny McCarthy (<i>Santa Baby</i> series)- From what we know about ABC Family's Santa Baby series of TV movies (there's two of 'em!), Jenny McC plays Santa's unlucky-in-love daughter. As ridiculous as they may be to comprehend, we're betting all she needs to do in that get-up is bust out some vintage Singled Out quips and watch the suitors start flocking.

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Jami Gertz (<i>Undercover Christmas</i>)-

Here's what we know about 2003's TV movie Undercover Christmas: the Lost Boys hottie Jami plays a cocktail waitress who turns in her billionaire boyfriend for tax evasion and then must spend Christmas with a protective FBI agent's family, posing as his girlfriend. Still with us? No? Fine, just keep checking out her rack.


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Brooke Shields (<i>Suddenly Susan</i>)-

"A Very Suddenly Susan Christmas" may quite possibly be the worst combination of words ever uttered during a holiday season, but we sure as hell wouldn't turn down Brooke Shields if she wanted to sit on our lap. It doesn't hurt that she fills out a Santa suit pretty damn nicely. Bonus: No Kathy Griffin to be seen! Sorry about the Judd Nelson, though.


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Lauren Graham (<i>Bad Santa</i>)- A full-blown sexual attraction to Santa is one attraction to Billy Bob Thornton as Santa is another altogether. But we'll forgive Lauren for that lapse in judgment, since all it takes is a Santa hat on any dude to get her all hot and bothered. A Santa hat she's prone to wear herself in the midst of the dirty deed...

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The Stepford Wives-

Most of us didn't actually see The Stepford Wives, which, judging by this photo, was a huge mistake. Who knew there was even a Christmas-themed portion of this flick? Just ditch that moron in the middle and we'd be in heaven! Sweet, sweet robot heaven.


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Christine Baranski (<i>The Grinch</i>)-

There wasn't much that was tolerable about Jim Carrey's bloated Grinch flick, save for the skin-baring, Christmas season-embracing Christine Baranski, playing the green freak's lifelong crush and proving that age ain't nothin' but a number. We hope she's considering a move from Whoville to Cougartown...


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Jessica Simpson (<i>Newlyweds</i>)-

Remember when Jessica Simpson was a rising film star thanks to her Newlyweds reality show and a sexy turn as Daisy Duke on the big screen? After more theatrical misfires than Eddie Murphy on a bender, we hardly can either, but that's not stopping us from salivating over this sexy little Santa getup. It helps that there's no "Saint Nick" Lachey around.


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Lisa Kudrow (<i>Lucky Numbers</i>)-

Remember this John Travolta-starring, lottery-rigging "comedy" from 2000? We don't either, but we don't mind scoping out Lisa Kudrow in full-blown Santa wear, even from the side. Phoebe was always the most adventurous Friend in the bedroom, so we could see her picking up dudes in this.


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