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These sexy supervisors can give us a raise anytime

Angelina Jolie (<i>Mr. & Mrs. Smith</i>)-

It was a toss-up between this role and Jolie's commander in Sky Captain & The World of Tomorrow, but we went with the former in order to show this photo again. (We're sure there are no arguments.) And in case you've forgotten, Mrs. Smith oversees an entire team from her assassination firm while thoroughly planning her hits. Can we volunteer to help plan what she should wear?


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Demi Moore (<i>Disclosure</i>)-

As unbelievable as it was that any attractive woman with half a brain would aggressively try and jump Michael Douglas' bones, we like to think that Demi's "doesn't take rejection well" character saw it as a challenge. As in, a challenge to her stomach. If this is how a power-hungry ball-buster wants to celebrate a promotion, more power to her.


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Ellen Barkin (<i>Someone Like You</i>)-

When this flick was released in 2001, Ashley Judd got all of the attention for scampering about in her underwear (hey, we ain't complaining), but Ellen Barkin proved that she could still steam up the screen even while fully clothed. Presiding over a daytime talk show, she left us wondering if any positions were available under her watch. And we do mean any positions...


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Dana Delaney (<i>Exit to Eden</i>)-

It's tough to slog through this film thanks to Rosie O'Donnell in leather and Dan Ackroyd in a mustache, but there are rewards to found amongst the refuse. Consider Mistress Lisa here the anti-Mr. Roarke. As the smokin' dominatrix who runs an island resort where people get to live out their sexual fantasies, this sado-supervisor was paid good money to simply let people get their freak on.


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Catherine Zeta-Jones (<i>No Reservations</i>)-

She may have taken orders from Patricia Clarkson, but Catherine still called the shots in the kitchen as the master chef of an upscale Greenwich Village restaurant. It says a lot about her that she still looks blistering hot in prim-and-proper chef's attire with her hair pulled back in a discreet bun. Who knew that working a strainer with such finesse could be so arousing?


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Robin Givens (<i>Boomerang</i>)-

As a savvy exec at an advertising firm who gets promoted over Eddie Murphy (and beds him for the hell of it), Robin shows that her years on Head of the Class must've taught her something about business. If anything, we wish she'd been Eddie's boss a bit longer; maybe she could've kept him away from Vampire in Brooklyn. Or anything not titled Dreamgirls.


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Cameron Diaz (<i>Any Given Sunday</i>)-

As the team owner who likes to walk into locker rooms unannounced and not be fazed by a jacked-up naked dudes, Cameron did her best to be convincing as a lady who could boss Al Pacino's nutjob football coach around and make sweeping changes to the "Miami Sharks" organization. It didn't quite ring true, but she can walk in on us in the buff whenever she pleases.


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Dolly Parton (<i>The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas</i>)-

When it came to picking just one on-screen brothel proprietor, the competition was mighty stiff. (Cue Andrew "Dice" Clay "OHHHHHHHH!") But how could we not honor Dolly? She had her work cut out for her in this flick, having to sing with Burt Reynolds, but whatever kind of bra she wore throughout Best Little's nearly two-hour running time deserved its own Best Supporting Actor trophy, God bless it.


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Maria Bello (<i>Coyote Ugly</i>)-

Forget the wait staff; if anyone can tell us where to find a bar in NYC where the bar's owner is this hot, then shots are on us. We'll forgive Maria for thinking that Piper Perabo actually had some semblance of musical ability in this flick, but we're happy she hired her, anyway. Too bad Maria never climbed up on the bar herself; we know she must have some sweet moves hidden under that gruff exterior.


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Helen Hunt (<i>What Women Want</i>)-

Not only is Helen one of the hottest women of disaster movies, she's also one of the hottest women to sit behind a desk and earn exorbitant amounts of money. Winning a promotion over a pre-anti-Semite Mel Gibson, she manages to get fired because of him anyway, proving that Mel's always been lacking in the class department when it comes to women.


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Meg Ryan (<i>Against the Ropes</i>)-

This boxing flick may have been KO'ed at the box office, but we appreciate Meg's efforts to tart herself a bit in order to portray Jackie Kallen, the sport's first successful female manager. (Seriously, not even our girlfriends could handle another Meg Ryan cookie-cutter romantic comedy without barfing.) And she looks pretty good even while standing in a corner, getting drenched with blood and sweat.


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Sandra Bullock (<i>The Proposal</i>)-

Sandy B. is the Golden Globes' golden girl, having earned dual noms this week, one for her role as a corporate ice queen opposite a browbeaten Ryan Reynolds. Whether or not she'll walk away victorious for flashing her golden globes (and letting Betty White feel 'em up, no less) in The Proposal remains to be seen. We're writing a memo to salute her, no matter the outcome.


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