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Hottest Movie Strippers

From Show Girls to Sin City, some of our favorite actresses have bared (almost) all in the name of artistic integrity. Thanks, ladies!

Elizabeth Berkley, Showgirls
This is, pants down, the best Saved by the Bell episode we ever saw. And knowing your friends, they’ll make sure your pants are down by the end of your party, too.


Rose McGowan, Grindhouse
We see her windin’, grindin’, up on that pole. Ah, Akon, thanks for that. And thank you, Rose McGowan, for charming us and then kicking our ass with your leg-gun. Sounds oddly similar to our buddy Stan’s stripper back in June (although in all honesty, that was less a machine gun on her thigh than a cyst. Still, it did the job of making us back up and hand over our money).



Demi Moore, Striptease
She may be more cougar than vixen these days, but back in the day, Demi was hot. If we could get a lap dance from her, we’d happily Die Hard too.



Jessica Alba, Sin City
Forgive us Father, for we’ve sinned...about 1.37 million times. We blame Vegas.




Natalie Portman, Closer
If only Mila Kunis was Clive Owen, our lives would be complete after watching this clip.



Marisa Tomei, The Wrestler
Awesome movie, awesome cast, awesome stripping. And if your bachelor party goes well, you may end up doing the “ram jam” too (we have no idea what we even mean by that).


Lindsay Lohan, I Know Who Killed Me
We honestly don’t know or care who killed you during these blissful eight-plus minutes, Lindsay, but we do want to know if you’re free for private parties between court dates?

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